​​Processing applications for concentrated & condensed milk

Products in this small but important sub-category sell steadily in markets where consumers are used to their flavour. For example, condensed milk is a common cooking ingredient in India, and is used in South America, parts of Africa, Asia, Spain and Italy in cooking and in coffee.

The products were traditionally packaged in cans and sterilised in batches, or preserved by adding of sugar. Today, we help customers successfully replicate the familiar flavours of both condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk using a continuous process.

Taking advantage of our processing and packaging capabilities, customers can reap the benefits of a highly reliable processing system combined with a cost-efficient packaging solution.

We offer both the technology and the knowhow to advise customers on the most suitable equipment and production method to achieve your desired result - in evaporated, condensed, sweetened condensed, recombined and concentrated milk.