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three glass with plant-based yoghurt-style toped with granola, strawberry, kiwi and cherries

Plant-based yoghurt-style products

Plant-based products are on a roll. They’re popular with customers but difficult to perfect. Download our white paper and learn more.

Man eating breakfast and drinking juice

Preservation technologies for liquid food

Heat treatment has been used on an industrial scale for over a hundred years to preserve food for human consumption, extend shelf life and secure food safety

A guide to reducing long-term costs in food production

A guide to reducing long-term costs in food production

Considering the total cost of investment (TCO) before you invest in equipment for production of prepared food products can save you a huge amount of money.

Cream cheese bowl and bread

White paper: Spreadable cheese quality – ingredients, process & technology

Cream cheese, processed cheese or recombined cheese, this white paper covers the best methods for achieving the underlying structural changes – and what makes a

Oat-based beverage

White paper: Oat-based beverages – strategies & processing challenges​

Oat-based beverages are winning increased popularity. As a useful starting point for producers entering this segment, we have identified the main challenges

Woman in lab

Optimized milk homogenization – new methods for achieving longer shelf life

Sign up for our white paper and find out how new homogenization technologies can make dairy operations more cost-effective, flexible and sustainable.

Yoghurt in jars from above

Clean-label yoghurt: what you need to know

Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in the food. Our white paper gives an introduction to “clean label” yoghurt made with fewer additives.

Tetra Top with mountain view

Understanding ambient yoghurt – challenges and opportunities

Ambient yoghurt do not need to be chilled, and are either eaten with a spoon (often with added fruit), or drunk directly from the package

Yoghurt and blueberries

Introducing clean label yoghurt

Consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about the ingredients in the food they consume and express a desire to see a reduced number of additives


Cheese technology guide

The Cheese technology guide is an easy to use resource for industrial cheesemaking. It provides a helpful overview of the bacis productions processes


Powder dissolution through new eyes

A research project funded by Tetra Pak has provided new knowledge and changed an old truth about what determines how a powder dissolves.


Navigating the mayonnaise maze

The world’s chefs have been practising on mayonnaise, and it shows. Wherever it travels in the world, it is adapted for different consumer preferences for taste

Milk flowing

Consumption milk pasteurizers can be run much longer than 8 hours

Tetra Pak’s new assessment methodology now allows extended running time for milk pasteurizers, while maintaining food quality.


Optimize your mixing process and food quality by using CFD

​Most applications in the food industry include mixing. In order to achieve the desired product quality, the whole volume of product should be optimally mixed

Orange juice

Vitamin C retention in orange juice production

Vitamin C is a key quality factor for orange juice so the amount of vitamin C that is retained after processing and packaging is of key interest..

Ice cream sandwich

Inspiration for your ​​​​next ice cream product

This summer, we asked people around the world to get creative and send us their freshest ideas for ice-cream. Read the report with the winning ideas

Milk splashing

Cleaning parameter changes can increase uptime in UHT plants ​​​

A recent Tetra Pak backed research project has investigated how to achieve the fastest, most effective method for cleaning UHT dairy processing equipment.

CIP equipment

White paper: Beverage CIP (Cleaning in Place)

Our experience indicates that a CIP process can be reduced and optimized for individual beverages, since juice, nectar, still drinks and carbonated soft drinks

Nuts and beans

Beverages based on rice, nuts, grains and soybeans

Beverages based on rice, nuts, grains and/or soybeans (RNGS) are among the fastest growing in many markets today. View/download white paper

Cracking the code

The inside story on heat treatment of particulate foods

White paper and video: Our latest research on processing and heat treatment of particulate foods.

Water splash

Cleaning in place to secure food safety and product quality

Cleaning in place, or CIP, refers to all those mechanical and chemical systems that are necessary to prepare equipment for food processing

Milk splash

Learning how raw milk quality affects your UHT dairy products

The Tetra Pak Milk Quality Handbook a booklet for dairy management and those responsible for quality management how to improve the quality of UHT dairy products

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three glass with plant-based yoghurt-style toped with granola, strawberry, kiwi and cherries

Plant-based yoghurt-style products

Plant-based products are on a roll. They’re popular with customers but difficult to perfect. Download our white paper and learn more.

Plant based products

Inline blending takes the guesswork out of plant-based beverages

Inline continuous blending can revolutionize the standardization of fat, protein and sugar in dairy, cheese and beverage production.

Flavoured milk

Stay on top of consumer trends

Current consumer trends and UHT technology – a perfect match? Absolutely.

Different ingredients

Precision aseptic dosing opens new frontiers

Heat treatment is often inappropriate for expensive ingredients such as lactase, flavours, or probiotics.

Indirect UHT OneStep line

OneStep technology provides production flexibility

OneStep technology helps you making your production more flexible and cost-effective, while reducing environmental impact by over 40%.

Fresh milk and cheese

New ways of utilizing membrane filtration in milk preparation

Over the years, membrane filtration has found its way into milk preparation because it adds the possibility to control other parameters than fat.

Woman sitting in a window enjoying a soft drink

5 trends transforming soft drinks

More complex recipes and new demands from customers; here are five trends soft drinks producers can’t afford to miss. Especially if they want to add a new touch to their products.

Four challenging ingredients in soft drinks

Tetra Pak Mixer RJCI 4X handles all the ingredients used in today’s soft drinks

We highlight some of the most difficult ingredients to discharge, dissolve or disperse and how Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI 4X handles them; lumpy powders, dusty powders, sticky gums and goey honey.

Spray dryer installation, Synlait

Behind the scenes of Synlait’s state-of-the-art nutritional manufacturing facility

SynlaitPōkeno’s nutritional spray dryer stands as tall as a 10-storey apartment building and can produce up to 45,000 metric tonnes of powder each year, including infant formula base powder, infant grade whole milk powder and skim milk powder.

Mayonnaise bottles on shelf

Better capacity at lower costs at Assan Foods

Thanks to new mixing technology from Tetra Pak, Turkish Assan Foods has increased its production capacity of mayonnaise and other condiment sauces

Climate change, water scarcity and consumer health are among challenges

Challenges, trends and opportunities in juice, nectar and still drinks industry

Climate change, access to water, energy costs and the health trend among consumers are among the trends facing the juice, nectar and still drinks industry.​

Better than batch: why you’ll save money with inline juice production

Better than batch: why you’ll save money with inline juice production

Juices, nectars and still drinks (JNSD) are traditionally produced using batch production solutions. Find out how to save money with inline juice production

Nuts, grains, plant-based beverage

Filtration Solutions' top priorities: innovation, optimization, and sustainability

In the field of membrane filtration, new solutions within milk and plant-based products are constantly in the mold.

Laurence Mott

Protecting food - before, during and after COVID-19

Laurence Mott, VP Development and Engineering talks about food safety from end to end, industry collaboration along with stringent standards to protect food​.

Infographic from idea to commercial product

From idea to commercial product: how we can help

Turn your ideas for new dressings and spreads into commercial products with the help of Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centres and Technology Test Centres.

Women at hummus bar

The healthy fast food that’s growing fast

Hummus is changing from a traditional food to a trendy snack. The global hummus market is growing at more than 10%. Check out the growth potential of hummus.

Girl eating sandwich

Achieve sustainable and flexible food production

Across the food industry, there’s no bigger challenge than achieving sustainable production. But production processes must be flexible to meet customer needs

Ceasar sallad with dressing

Guide to clean label production

Consumers increasingly demand foods made using sustainable manufacturing methods and with fewer additives. Here’s how to embrace the clean label trend.

Maria Karlsson, food agronomist

Impact of raw milk composition and storage temperature on UHT milk shelf life

​​​​​​Scientific article - Impact of raw milk composition and storage temperature on UHT milk shelf life Models and experiments combined in research project

Filtration specialists food and beverage applications

Optimizing fractionation of milk proteins with filtration technology

Separating milk proteins in pure fractions containing casein and whey protein respectively is a dream scenario enabling production of interesting food products

Processing equipment at dairy producer Select Milk

Turning commodity into value-added products

American dairy Select Milk​ has built a state-of-the-art dairy processing facility. Here, many millions of pounds of milk are turned into butter and milk powder

United nations of yoghurt

A whole world of exciting yoghurt opportunities

Learn about regional approaches to yoghurt and other fermented dairy products such as quark, kefir, Yakult, ambient yoghurt, lassi, ayran, skyr and sour cream

Girl with milk mustache

The rise of ambient yoghurt

Ambient drinking yoghurt, which does not need refrigeration, is popular among Chinese consumers and is now spreading across Asia Africa and Latin America

Woman eating yoghurt

Consumer yoghurt trends

Shifting consumer tastes create opportunities and challenges for yoghurt producers. Find our more about trends like gut health, fermented foods and clean label

DMK dairy, Germany

Energy savings mean a sustainable business

When separating milk German dairy Deutsches Milchkontor obtained a 30 percent reduction of energy consumption with the Encapt™ technology from Tetra Pak.

People at Hansen Flødeis

Taste is king at Hansens Flødeis

Hansens Flødeis, a premium ice cream producer in Denmark, uses three generations of freezers, all from Tetra Pak in their ice cream production.

Food engineers examines separator discs, Arla Food

​Increased production capacity at Arla Foods

Thanks to a new revolutionary disc stack design, Arla Foods in Vimmerby, Sweden processes up to 40 percent more milk in its two separators from Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak Separator with Encapt technology

Savings from Reduced Friction - Encapt​ technology

Our new Tetra Pak Separat​ors with Encapt™​ technology are as much as 40 percent more energy efficient than other designs on the market.

Tetra Pak Separator with Encapt technology

Savings from Reduced Friction - Encapt​ technology

Our new Tetra Pak Separat​ors with Encapt™​ technology are as much as 40 percent more energy efficient than other designs on the market.

Dairy Hub in Kenya

New Dairy Hub project in Kenya increases productivity

Tetra Pak is working with Uplands Dairy in Kenya to revitalise the dairy sector by providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers

Spraydrying process, droplets

Dual approach creates new understanding of spray-drying processes

How to produce powders that are dust free and easy to dissolve, both for the consumer and in industrial dissolving processes, read more

A carton package.

Reduce development cost and time to market

You have an opportunity to develop attractive and profitable new products in the ready-to-drink food supplement and nutrition category.

Henning-Olsen ice cream sticks

The art of large inclusions

Learn how Norway’s Hennig-Olsen Is effectively produces ice cream with large chunks.

Salsa Rica processing equipment

Salsa Rica - A clear focus on quality

A fully automated and advanced mixing installation from Tetra Pak results in superior quality mayonnaise and dressings at Salsa Rica in Spain.

Woman Smiling Holding Glass

Britvic prepares for global expansion

With a strong presence in its core markets, soft drinks producer Britvic prepares for global expansion

Chinese girl drinking, Tetra Brik Aseptic carton

Profitable precision at Mengniu dairy

A consumer wants its favourite milk drink to taste the same every time. With in-line blending the product is gently treated for consistent quality and taste

Cheese testing at CONO Kaasmakers

Green cheese dairy

Dutch cheese manufacturer CONO Kaasmakers had a clear objective - to build the greenest dairy in the world. They decided to use Tetra Pak as technical supplier

Bachir Ice Cream

Step by step with ​​​​​​​​​​Ba​chir Ice Cream​, the king of Lebanese ice cream

For Lebanese Bachir Ice Cream a good ice cream recipe is not enough. It needs to be combined with optimal processing technology and knowledge

Cows on pasture

Tetra Pak new standardization unit makes life easier for dairy Arla Foods

At Arla Foods’s dairy in Palmers Green a new Tetra Pak Standardization unit makes the process of producing standard white milk more eliable, stable, accurate..

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice Cream brings tasty ice cream in sticks, cones, sandwiches, bars and tubs to European consumers and are now also producing its own sweet sauces

Growing with infant formula and baby food

Growing with infant formula and baby food

Alter Farmacia is investing in a new factory. The plant which produces infant formula with Tetra Pak equipment prepares the company for new growth opportunities

Woman drinking milk

China’s largest dairy raises the bar in sustainability

Mengniu,China’s largest dairy, turned to Tetra Pak for processing technology to reduce its environmental footprint and comply with new eco-legislation

Vinamilk, man and boy drinking milk

State of the art, Vinamilk’s mega dairy

Vinamilk’s mega dairy is a fully automated UHT factory, using some of the most advanced solutions in the world from Tetra Pak.


Bringing superfood to European consumers

The demand for the new “superfood” quark increases. By trimming capacity and using a single automation system, Limelco is on top of its dairy production.

Lingonberry Jam

Biggest in the Nordic region

In Tollarp, Orkla Foods makes 18,000 tonnes of jam, marmalade and sauce every year. Five new customised Tetra Albatch food processors are in production

Milk droplet

Enhanced understanding of drying kinetics takes modelling of spray drying processes steps forward

How does a droplet dry? The question may seem trivial, but detailed understanding of the drying of concentrated dairy products is central

Sadafco Market Case

Changing the game in Saudi Arabia

Sadafco, the leading player in UHT milk in Saudi Arabia, is always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions

Woman scooping ice cream

Only the best is good enough for premium ice cream brand Bruno Gelato

As a premium ice cream brand, Bruno Gelato is dependent on two things: high-quality ingredients and having a reliable and consistent production process.


How attending a seminar can reduce mayonnaise production costs

Our experts held a series of seminars to share our research and knowledge in mayonnaise production and to present our new dedicated range of High Shear Mixers.