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Why sustainability commitments matter

Tetra Pak joins 100+ players in the food and beverage industry and signs up to the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.

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Sustainable food production

On the road to sustainable food production: How to reduce energy, water and waste in oat beverage processing

Avocado ice cream

Trends shaping the future of ice cream

Consumer tastes and habits continue to evolve. So how can you as an ice cream producer meet the ever-changing demands? Check out this trend article to find out.

Tetra Pak and Tortoise podcast

Keeping food safe while decarbonising our world

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot on hold – but tackling the threat to our climate can’t wait. How can we feed the world sustainably whilst also decarbonising it?

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Customers praise remote Dairy Hub training

Through our Dairy Hub model, we participate to build local dairy value chains by providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers, supporting our dairy customers' ability to collect more quality milk

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Opportunities in digitalisation and connectivity

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the food and beverage industry as we know it. They offer unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety

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Energy-efficient buildings to reduce climate impact

Tetra Pak's dedication to sustainability extends beyond production processes to the design and construction of energy-efficient buildings.


Flexible working arrangements

Growing numbers of Tetra Pak personnel around the world are benefiting from flexible working arrangements giving employees more flexibility in where they work

Turkey zero waste project

Zero Waste Project teaches Turkey's children about nature

Tetra Pak is a partner in the Zero Waste Project, an education programme aimed at teaching school children in Turkey about the importance of protecting nature

Mario Abreu, Vice President Sustainability, Tetra Pak

Improving recycling value through collaboration

​We are working with an increased number of recyclers and other recycling chain stakeholders to drive a viable and sustainable business solution.

School children in Japan recycling

History and tradition of school milk in Japan

Tetra Pak is working with schools across to Japan to solve the challenge of child malnourishment and promote environmental education.

School children in Peru recycling

Innovative product design in Peru’s school nutrition

Tetra Pak is working with customer and the Peruvian government to bring nutritious products into Peruvian schools and educate about recycling

Roberto Franchitti

Q&A with Roberto Franchitti

Here, we talk about how Tetra Pak reduces food waste, and how cutting the operational impact of our customers adds up to make a big difference.

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FSC™ Certification

We see FSC™ as offering a credible universal standard and we actively encourage our customers to display the logo on their packages.

Children drinking milk in Senegal

Partnering to fulfil Senegal's potential

We are working with local farmers to develop the dairy value chain and get more fresh milk into schools improving food, education and nutrition for children


Playing our part in school feeding in Bolivia

Tetra Pak have worked together with the local food processing industry to improve school feeding programmes across Bolivia.

Strawbetty yoghurt, Tetra Top

Drinking yoghurt: moving away from plastic

Our customer Skånemejerier turned to us to assist for for a sustainable alternative carton package for beverages to be consumed on-the-go

A nutritious start for youngsters

A nutritious start for youngsters

The school milk programme has been widely accepted by the children and the community. Enrollment and drop-out rates have improved considerably in targeted school

 PolyAl spool

New recycling hub for PolyAl in North Europe

Tetra Pak and Axjo Group pioneer a feasibility study to build Northern Europe's main recycling hub for polyAl, advancing circular economy goals.

 PolyAl recycling in Italy

Circularity gets a boost in Southern Europe

In Italy, our collaboration with the polyAl recyclers Ecorevive and Ecoplasteam draws on our network to promote their products and find new opportunities.

Recycling in Austria and Netherlands

Accelerating recycling in Austria and the Netherlands

Both countries saw specific targets for beverage cartons implemented.

Sorting and recycling in China

Automated sorting plant for beverage cartons in China

In Xiamen, China, a first-of-its-kind automatic sorting centre for low-value recyclables has started operation.

New recycling plant for beverage cartons in Egypt

Recycling plant for beverage cartons in Egypt

The plant has the capacity to recycle 8,000 tonnes of carton packages annually.

Recycling in Paraguay

Beverage cartons recycling facility in Paraguay

Fully integrated plant, with fibres recycled into secondary packaging and polyAl into boards and tiles.

Recycling in the US

Recycling infrastructure improvements in Michigan, US

New equipment allows for more carton packages to be processed.

PolyAl granules in Lucart

Lucart Italy expands polyAl recycling

Tetra Pak has teamed up with Lucart Group, a paper manufacturer in Italy, to enhance the collection and recycling of used beverage cartons.

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How a dairy saved €19,500 in annual energy costs

By being proactive and analysing a customer’s operations, Tetra Pak was able to reduce electricity consumption at their dairy by a full 26%.

Tetra Pak recycling in Poland with Stora Enso

Europe's new recycling hub for beverage cartons in Poland

With a joint investment of €29 million, together with Stora Enso we have launched a state-of-the-art recycling line for used beverage cartons in Poland.

 PolyAl recycling in Spain

Expanding market demand for polyAl in Spain

In Spain, a number of ambitious projects facilitate and accelerate the recycling of polyAI.

Keeping it local

Around half of consumers say they have made a purchase specifically to support local businesses during the pandemic.

Avoiding over-packaging

More than half of global respondents now say that they “really care” about how food and beverages are packaged.

Worries about waste

Waste is a growing concern, with food waste and wasteful packaging cited as leading environmental issues by three-quarters of respondents.

Concern for climate change

Global warming/climate change is still high on the list of environmental issues, cited by 78% of respondents.

Summary and conclusions

The top ten takeaways from Tetra Pak Index 2021 on the topic how the COVID-19 pandemic has “rewired” consumer demands