Improving operational efficiency

Why looking into your asset utilisation is good for business. 

In an industry where margins are under constant pressure, operational efficiency is key. Even so, the average asset utilisation rate in the food and beverage industry is as low as about 30-40%. As a comparison, the Oil and Gas industry utilises its assets to approximately >80% and the automotive industry to 45-60%. 

The upside to this? There are big opportunities waiting to be explored. Even improvements that, at first glance, come across as modest can result in substantial savings. If Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increases by just a few percent, it can yield a large reduction in operational costs.  

Get an idea of your performance 

So how do you increase your operational efficiency? Getting an idea about how well you are performing is a good start. By entering some basic characteristics about your plant into our online operational benchmark tool, you will get an estimate of how your operations compare to peers. 

Together we can then identify your full potential. To help you reach that potential, we use a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approach. Through effective and systematic improvements of equipment, processes and people TPM delivers sustainable business value to your organisation. 

Make improvements stick 

The method involves the entire organisation and is a great way to drive improvements since it builds organisational maturity. We focus on practical support, training and hands-on shop floor coaching. It can help you:  

  • eliminate quality issues 
  • improve output and  
  • create engaged teams. 

We have the means to ensure improvements are made where they really matter, and we make them stick. In our ranks you’ll find experts with long experience of successful improvement projects in the food and beverage industry. Our way of driving TPM and building your capability is based on coaching and gradual hand-over - we are practitioners.

Furthermore, our digital tools and predictive maintenance s​olutions use real-time data to analyse where and when you should take action. 

Try the online tool 

Get started with the first step via our operational benchmark tool​ and get in contact with us to further explore how you can realise your potential.  


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Improving operational efficiency