​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for​ ice cream sticks

Extruded sticks​

When making premium products, extrusion is the way to go. With this technique you can also produce novelty shapes like a funny face, a foot or a fruit slice. The production process is slightly more complex, involving more steps and requiring a larger production space than moulded sticks, but thanks to superior freeze control, you get a consistently high quality product with minimal variations part-to-part and cut-to-cut.

Moulded sticks

Consumers love multi-layered ice cream sticks, such as fruit flavoured water ice over an ice cream centre, or layered caramel and chocolate, and the good news is, they're highly price competitive.

Our lines for moulded stick ice cream products are neat, space efficient and deliver a full frozen product right off the line. For a premium feel, we've developed a unique, high-viscous filling technique, as well as methods for aeration.

The highest capacity lines!

We offer the highest capacity lines for both extrusion and moulding, at 43,200 units/hr. Compared to competitors' equipment, our lines consume less energy, generate less waste, and are more reliable. When you take running hours and other variables such energy and water consumption into consideration, no other supplier can rival our price/unit. Let's do the math together on our TCO* tool.

* TCO=Total cost of Ownership

Best-practice lines for sticks

Extrusion Line

We offer a complete range of extrusion lines for smaller, medium or high production capacities of all product types. They are built on modules that are designed to fit seamlessly together, optimising your production capability and product versatility. A typical line consists of a freezer, worktable, hardening tunnel, transfer and dipping, and wrapping.
Best practice high capacity extrusion line for ice cream

High-capacity extrusion lines

43,200 stick or sandwich products per hour is the guaranteed capacity of the new best-practice high-capacity extrusion line from Tetra Pak. The line is compiled of the best of existing products and technologies in freezing, extrusion and wrapping, and the dipping and transferring process has been performance-optimized to achieve exceptional precision, highest product uniformity and lowest cost per extruded ice cream product.

Moulding Line

Tetra Pak’s proven rotary moulding line sets the standard for moulded ice creams. A sturdy design and smart use of automation combine to enable the highest production capacity and the lowest production costs on the market. Incorporating a wide range of filling possibilities, this line can be used to produce unrivalled, high-end moulded products. It consists of the following main modules: freezers, indexing mould table, brine circulating system, fillers and back suction units, stick inserter, extractor, chocolate / dry stuff dipping and transfer and wrapping.

Medium-capacity extrusion lines

Designed for producing up to 18,000 ice cream products/hour, this best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line is highly reliable, for safe, hygienic quality and easy operation. It paves your way for future growth, being easy to upgrade and adapt and letting you easily make new, sophisticated ice cream products with changeovers on the fly. All for a competitive cost that gives you the most for your investment.
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Best-practice lines for ice-cream sticks

The medium-capacity best-practice rotary moulding line will help you grow your ice cream stick portfolio with new, value-added moulded products. Use it to produce any moulded stick bar ice cream or juice product, from 6,000 to 16,000 pieces per hour. Our equipment and a high level of automation give tight cost control and guaranteed high performance. The main modules are: a freezer, a Tetra Pak® Rotary Moulder with filling units and stick-inserter, an extractor with multiple dipping options, and a multilane flow wrapper.
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