Discover how spiral-wound membranes work

Ever wondered how advanced spiral-wound membranes work? Watch this two-minute video and learn more about the process.

Filtration applications

Milk pouring into glass

Filtration solutions for liquid milk

Membrane filtration plays a major role in milk processing. Apart from normal fat standardised pasteurised drinking milk it is used for nearly all dairy products

Whey powder in cup

​​​​​​​​​​​Filtration solutions for whey

One of the most common applications of membrane filtration in the dairy industry is the treatment of whey from cheese manufacturer.

Yoghurt with blueberries

Filtration for fermented dairy products

The ultrafiltration membrane separates the skimmed milk into two streams, allowing water, dissolved salts, lactose, and acids to pass through

Milk and Whey

Filtration for milk and whey ingredients

Membrane technology is used in the production of bulk and specialty products like WPC/WPI, MPC/MPI, MCC/MCI, Lactoferrin, high-fat, demineralised whey and more

White cheese

Filtration solutions for high cheese yield & quality

Microfiltration removes impurities and harmful microorganisms from the cheese brine swiftly and efficiently while preserving the natural chemical balance

plant-based beverages

Filtration for plant-based foods and drinks

Membrane filtration is used in the dairy industry to create high-protein products and powder. For plant-based products possibilities are virtually unlimited.