Tetra Pak® Sifter TR201

Safety centrifugal screening

  • Easy cleaning of the screen
  • Small, quiet and vibration-free
  • High standard of hygiene and long life span
Tetra Pak® Sifter TR201

Tetra Pak Sifter TR201

The Tetra Pak Sifter TR201 is small, vibration-free and features high hygienic standards. It offers efficient sifting: the powder is fed into the unit through a dosing device and goes through a tube-shaped sieve. The finer particles go through the sifter’s perforated plate and are collected at the sifter outlet, while larger particles are pushed to the rejection outlet.

Quick facts

Removes foreign matter from food, pharmaceutical and chemical food powders.


Depends on application, product and mesh. Typically ranges from 5 to 15 tons per hour.


Stainless steel design

Stainless steel design

High level of hygiene

The durable stainless steel design gives the Tetra Pak® Sifter TR201 a long life span. The sifter is also hygienic, and the perforated grid is continuously cleaned. The pressurized offset bearings ensure there is no product contamination from lubricants.

Compact and quiet

Compact and quiet

Small footprint

The vibration-free sifter is quiet, small and compact.