Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit CS VS600

Manual bag tipping for bags up to 25 kg

  • High standard of hygiene in a compact design
  • Integrated vibrating sifter
  • Easy cleaning
Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit CS VS600

Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit CS VS600

The Tetra Pak® Bag Tipping unit CS VS600 offers efficient manual tipping with high hygienic standard in a compact design. The unit features an integrated vibrating sifter which ensures that the end-product is free from foreign bodies. Operator safety and ergonomics are guaranteed by functions such as the powerful exhaust filter and the safety switch. Cleaning is easy too, with a tilting body for full access.

Quick facts

For manual tipping of all powder bags up to 25 kg. Particularly suitable for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.


Commonly used around 1,5 T/h (limited by the mesh of the sieve and product characterisitics).


Dust collection

Dust collection

Minimal dust emissions

The tipping unit features a filtration system that integrates an automatic dust collection function. The system’s cartridges are cleaned in turn, allowing a continuous vacuuming and internal recycling of filtered powder. As an alternative to its own filtration system, the unit can be connected to a separate dust collector.

Hygienic design

Product safety and easy cleaning

The hygienic, stainless steel design includes an integrated sifter. This prevents any foreign bodies from entering the end-product or the downstream process. The integrated filtration system ensures a sanitary operation, while the upper tilting part makes internal cleaning easy and provides full access to the vibrating sifter.