What is your focus area?

Tetra Pak Plant Perform is a service solution for you who want guaranteed performance in any focus area plant wide - e.g. ensuring food safety, output, quality or sustainability. Together we identify your improvement potential and create a joint plan to reach it – supported by our digital offerings.
Plant Perform

We drive results together

Regardless of if you want to decrease costs or increase output, we help you achieve your goals.

First we do a thorough opportunity analysis and benchmark against industry peers to set tangible improvement goals. Then – with joint efforts and shared responsibilities – we work to achieve the results we have committed to. It’s a true partnership where we work together, side by side. By doing so, we can offer an outcome-based pricing model, where we share the outcomes.
Operators and filling machine

How we increased line efficiency by 5.5 % in 18 months

A North American producer couldn’t deliver on their sales contracts and had to pay fines to their customers for underdelivering. They needed to improve output to support increased sales. With over 100 SKUs that was a challenge. See how we helped them.

How Italy’s leading wine group became even better

When Italy’s leading wine group, Caviro, realized that their traditional management models should be upgraded to foster skill development, productivity, and cost reduction, they brought in Tetra Pak as a partner. This was the start of World Class Manufacturing at Caviro and a new focus on operating procedures involving all employees. Download our case to learn how they have been able to improve productivity eight years in a row with improved safety and quality.
Different types of wine

What can we do for you?

Are you curious about how a service solution would benefit your operations? Contact us for a meeting to discuss your needs and what your tailored solution could look like.

We promise you:
  • Guaranteed performance in your chosen focus area – e.g. ensuring food safety & quality or increasing output
  • Delivered value that is higher than the cost
  • Improved decision-making enabled by digital tools

There’s more to it…

Our Service Solutions address any of your operational challenges from a single asset to a full value chain scope. If Tetra Pak® Plant Perform wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, maybe one of the following suits you better?

Plant Care

Proactive maintenance for a predictable cost

Plant Secure

Optimised plant operations for a guaranteed cost