Product Development Centre, Powder Handling Solutions 

Dedicated to validating process solutions and checking the feasibility of new settings, the Tetra Pak Powder handling PDC in Le May, France, has the facilities to process a wide range of products – from dairy to baby food, sugar, flour, and mixed recipes. The PDC consists of two areas: a pilot plant and a laboratory. The latter is equipped with devices for the analysis of powder properties and a library of more than 6000 powders. 

The PDC offers you:

  • Expertise on process performance and feasibility
  • Savings on product development costs
  • Better product quality
  • More efficient use of raw ingredients and less waste
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of your ingredients
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    Reliable product trials

    Within the pilot plant, process functions are used as modules for reproducing real situations with machine combinations. Our engineers will work closely with you each step of the way. The following equipment is available for testing:
  • Tipping & discharging
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Dosing
  • Sifting
  • Mixing
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    Built upon 60 years of powder handling knowledge

    Our experts can help you adapt product recipes for new markets, find smarter processing solutions, or simply satisfy consumer desire for new taste experiences. The laboratory offers powder analysis of:
  • Breakage measurement
  • Moisture measurement
  • Homogeneity measurement (conductimetry)
  • heological analysis (Hosokawa & FT4)
  • Particles size distribution
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    Where to find us

    PDC for Powder handling solutions
    12 rue du Bordage
    49122 Le May-sur-Èvre
    +33 2 41 63 26 26

    The power of powder

    Powder is a core component in food and beverage processing – from dry ingredients like sugar, milk powder and flour to finished products like infant formula, dry broth and whey powder.

    Innovation in this field helps you maximise your business potential.