We know how important it is to get fast answers when you encounter a problem. Unplanned production stops cost a lot. Building internal competence can take years, and on site-support might mean long waiting.

We have a solution, and it is called Remote Support. Our experienced engineers support you at any time and any place, via the communication channel of your choice. You get instant help, both in technical and operational queries, in different languages. Get in touch with us to check the language availability for your region of interest.

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Contact us to understand how Remote Support can benefit your operations or simply to try the services. We are ready to lead you into a new level of support.
Technically speaking

We are there 24/7 to assist you

An experienced engineer handles the entire case from start to end, leading you step by step. We help you with any technical or automation issue on Tetra Pak equipment. Your problem gets resolved fast, which minimises unplanned downtime. Thanks to our Remote Support, we eliminate unnecessary travelling to the site, reducing CO2 emissions.
Remote support, adjusting equipment
Operationally speaking

Making your work smooth

Do you have questions or concerns regarding machine adjustments, spare part numbers, equipment specifications or maintenance? Perhaps you need guidance for a new operator? Remote Support lowers the operational risk. It means less disruption, minimised risk of production plan delays, as well as lower lost sales and product waste.

How Remote Support works

1. A question or problem arises on the factory floor
2. You contact Remote Support to explain it
3. The Remote Support team gives you advice
4. You act according to the advice
5. You feedback to the Remote Support team: all good, or further help needed
Graphic detailing how Remote Support works

What are the benefits?

There are different reasons you might use our help. Most of our customers ask for spare parts, equipment manuals, product information, supplies, software or operator guidance. Our field force and office personnel support you fully during business hours, while the Remote Support service is here to resolve issues around the clock any day. All your inquiries can be sorted out in a matter of minutes or hours, instead of days. As simple as that!
Graphic detailing the time saved with Remote Support

They have already tried it…

Distribution line with sensors

Multinational food & beverage producer, Americas

"Everything is looking good. We got a really fast and efficient response.“

Resolution time: 11mins

Customer reports during the weekend a communication error in the machine user panel. Filling machine does not enter production, and urgent help is required. Remote Support asks for serial number and error photo. Cross-checking these with past cases allows us to identify solution quickly. By providing proper instructions, we help restore communication to the user panel and thus, restore production.
Sensors and cabels

Drink & liquid food producer, Americas

"[The sensor] works well, we connected it as instructed, and it worked straight away, we didn't have to configure anything further. Thanks!“

Resolution time: 3h

Friday evening the new packaging material design sensor is installed, but the customer can not get it to function properly. Remote Support checks Tetra Pak database for additional sensor information. After finding a solution, we recommend on correct connection of wires from the sensor to filling machine
Citrus juice

Juice producer, Americas

"With the previous adjustment in the HMI, it works well, thanks so much for the support!"

Resolution time: 6h

At a site requiring long travel time, the customer reports high wastage due to incorrect cap positioning by CAP 30. Remote Support recommends switching the Cap Position System to manual and mechanically adjusting CAP 30. The customer verifies Cap Position System and applies mechanical adjustments, discovering a faulty parameter as the cause.

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Contact us to understand how Remote Support can benefit your operations or simply to try the services. We are ready to lead you into a new level of support.