Why choose Tetra Pak Maintenance Services?

Tetra Pak Maintenance Services helps your equipment operate at the peak performance and reliability standards it was designed for. Food and beverage places high stress on critical parts and areas, requiring careful maintenance. 


At the heart of our Maintenance Services is our Maintenance System. 
Based on reliability-centered maintenance methodology, we provide the right combination of predetermined, condition-based and corrective maintenance tactics. It’s a platform for continuous improvement, built on feedback captured from our worldwide installed base.


Boost your business operations with improved reliability and performance

We cover the full spectrum of maintenance needs to secure the reliability of your equipment. Our skilled service engineers ensure that everything, from single production units to a full plant, is maintained in the best manner. Proper and rigorous care of your equipment is simply a wise long-term investment. With our Maintenance Services you can be certain you get an optimised return.​​

Predictive Maintenance for Separator

Predictive Maintenance is the remote monitoring of equipment conditions that allows prediction and prevention of potential catastrophic breakdowns. The primary customer need for Predictive Maintenance is to improve equipment reliability, which impacts production order fulfilment. A proactive approach always pays off compared with reactive firefighting, especially on the most critical assets in the full line, such as Separators. Find out more about the implementation and key benefits of Predictive Maintenance that can improve your operations.

Integrity Testing

Integrity Testing

Integrity testing is a condition monitoring service for heat exchangers of all brands. With leakage being one of the common failures in the operation of fluid production equipment, ensuring the reliability of your equipment is critical to avoid plant breakdowns, product quality risks, and material waste.

  • Check and validate the general condition
  • Preventively detect risk areas
  • Ensure product and consumer safety
  • Reduce production losses

Calibration Services

An on-site service performed by expertly trained Tetra Pak calibration specialists to calibrate all critical sensors required in the Tetra Pak Food Safety Charts (FSC). Ensure that your Filling machines are operating according to specification with expert calibration.

  • Secure food safety and product quality
  • Reduced risk of non-quality & losses
  • Convenient support to regulatory compliance
  • Supports your Quality Management Systems


How to effectively minimize risks to food safety and quality via maintenance?

Consumers increasingly place priorities on Food Safety and Quality across the globe. Within the Food and Beverage industry, leading brands are seeking every opportunity to secure product quality.

Find out via best practices from real cases how regular and rigorous maintenance of plant equipment can lead to greater product quality.

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