Challenges in Dairy Processing

Product Quality

Dairy production is a business with tight margins and high-quality expectations. Based on our brand promise, “Protect What’s Good”, milk processes can be optimized for cost control while keeping the product quality at a consistently high level.

Thermal Processing

Thermal processing is of the utmost importance for dairy production, consumer safety and efficiency. The control of thermal processing is highly regulated, and the system must run at correct temperatures.

Wasted Energy Cost

Consider that running 2 degrees Celsius over the setpoint can cost over 4000 Euro/year in wasted energy.

Temperature Control Solution

Tetra Pak offers the fastest temperature sensor in the market for hygienic processes. Together, with one of our many global partners, Endress+Hauser.

This innovative technology helps you to improve quality and reduce cost.
The combination of precise, fast, and stable temperature measurement delivers the highest degree of process quality with reliable product quality.

Improve your temperature monitoring, critical to the UHT treatment of the nutrient solution, with iTHERM TM411 temperature sensors. With “QuickSens” technology producing the shortest response times (t90 = 0.75 s) in the market.

Together with our RV-P/RV-ST Control valves, heat exchangers benefit from accurate temperature and pressure regulation.
Reduce the brisk and improve process safety in critical applications with the help of our self-calibrating temperature sensor iTHERM TrustSens.

Case Study

With the iTHERM TM411 temperature sensor, you are able to dramatically improve temperature monitoring, which is critical to the UHT treatment of the nutrient solution.

Unmatched Response Times

Reduce response times by more than 50% compared to older sensors.

Safe Sterilization

Improved response time counteracts temperature deviation.

Minimal Impact of Thermowell

Below 0.1˚C measured deviation with and without thermowell (additional barrier).

Easy Recalibration & Service

Tool-free removal of the complete upper part of the sensor from the thermowell, with just one twist.

Flow Measurement Solution

Accurate Flow Sensors ensure the right amount of heat is applied to achieve safe results.
 Electromagnetic flow-meters carry the main burden of flow measurement in dairy operations and play a critical role in milk heating.

Heartbeat Technology

  • Benefits with integrated temperature and conductivity measurement with Proline Promag H.
  • Ease maintenance and extend calibration intervals with “Heartbeat” verification and diagnostic functions.
  • Working seamlessly with the Unique RV-P or RV-ST Regulating Valves from our Plant Components portfolio. Providing accurate product flow monitoring.

Savings with Heartbeat Technology

Time saving of 1.5 hours per verification= €150 per verification. The additional cost of the Heartbeat option is recouped after just the third verification.

Calibration is required only every 2-3 years instead of annually. The savings per device range from €500-€1,000 per verification. The cost is recouped once the first calibration is dispensed with.
Guarantee of significantly higher returns due to plant availability.

Level Measurement Solution

One of the more challenging applications in thermal processing systems is the level control of the balance tank. The small tank sees rapid level and temperature changes. Hydrostatic level sensors are ideal for this application, temperature compensated and with ranges down to 100mm H2O it sets the standard for reliability.

Use Deltapilot FMB50 with remote electronics.
It also helps you to reduce risk in the often harsh environment and cleaning cycles.

Differential Pressure Monitoring Solution

To ensure food safety, an example of measurement of differential pressure across heat exchangers across the regeneration stage must be maintained. Stability and trust in measurement is key. 

For this critical application, an electronic differential pressure measurement is recommended.

Optimize your measurement using the innovative Deltabar FMD72.

Product Buildup and Conductivity Monitoring Solution Solution

The microbiological stability of dairy products is crucial for their shelf life and quality. However, heating milk also leads to contamination on the inner walls. This contamination affects the efficiency of the heating cycle and is a potential cause of product contamination. Therefore, controlling the fouling behaviour throughout the heating process and the presence of product in the holding tube is key to process control and optimization of product quality.

The compact multiparameter instrument Liquitrend QMW43 is able to measure the buildup thickness and conductivity of media simultaneously.

Installed in the holding tube of the pasteurization process, it can continuously monitor the formation and degree of buildup. This helps to decide if a cleaning process is necessary or if the production time can still be extended without affecting the product quality.

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