Solving CIP Return Issues with
the New LKH Prime

  • Better Pumping Efficiencies.
  • Uniform Pump & Spare Parts.
  • Dual Duty – Product/CIP Process Capabilities.

  • Full Service with Easy Maintenance.
  • Known, Proven, Quality Brand.
  • Full Compliance to Global Sanitary Certifications.

Efficiency Boost for CIP-Return Pumps
with LKH Prime

efficiency boost

LKH Prime Pump Uniform Seals
One Seal Fits All

Reduce Capital Cost
with LKH Prime CIP + Product Pump

1 Pump, 2 Duties

LKH Prime can perform both CIP return and product transfer

  • Significant capital cost savings
    (pump and installation)
  • A perfectly hygienic solution
  • Gentle product transfer
  • Handles air-entrained fluids

Increase Efficiency & Lower Energy Consumption by Replacing MR Pumps With LKH Prime Pumps

Example: CIP return duty with 25m³/h

replacing mr pumps

replacing mr pumps graph

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