Founded on a promise: PROTECT WHAT’S GOOD, Tetra Pak is committed to increasing the recycling of used beverage cartons, aiming to double the global recycling rate by 2020 to 40%.

As recycling is one of the great ways to conserve our natural resources, we believe it is vital that we instill the good habit of recycling and make aware the benefits of it to the next generation through school recycling activities at educational institutions.

Here are some of Tetra Pak’s school recycling activities in Singapore.

  • The Little Green Dots (for preschoolers)
  • Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme
    (for primary, secondary and tertiary institutes)
Recycle used beverage cartons (UBCs) with these simple steps - “Rinse, Flip, Flap, Flatten”.

The Little Green Dots​

Tetra Pak began a school recycling programme in 2011 called The Little Green Dots Project, which extends Used Beverage Cartons (UBC) Recycling Education Activities to preschool children, in particular, K1 and K2 children. The Little Green Dots is an initiative by Tetra Pak and is supported by The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Environment Agency (NEA). ​​

Tetra Pak engages its education partners to provide educational talks on UBC recycling and the simple steps of "Rinse, Flip, Flap, Flatten". Recycle bins fabricated from polyAl materials recovered from recycled UBCs are made available to each participating preschool for their own UBC recycling activities.​​​
School children make a wallet for Dramatic Play Learning Center
Preschools registered under The Little Green Dots are provided with a recycling bin and The Little Green Dots e-Toolkit. Participating preschools are required to submit a report to Tetra Pak on a quarterly basis.

We ​are proud to announce the Active & Creative Award Winners of The Little Green Dots 2019:​

  • Cherie Hearts @ Charlton
  • Yuvabharathi International School
  • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 899B

To participate in LGD (subject to availability and registration deadline), please complete ​​the
Tetra Pak Little Green Dots Registration Form 2020 

To date, over 270 preschools have registered for The Little Green Dots. View the
Tetra Pak Little Green Dots Participating Preschools 

For more information about The Little Green Dots, read the
Tetra Pak Little Green Dots FAQs 

Participating preschools may download the template of

Quarterly Progress Report ​​​
Preschool participating in Little Green Dots

The Little Gre​en Dots
Train-The-Trainer Programme

​​In 2015, Tetra Pak initiated The Little Green Dots Train-The-Trainer Programme (LGD-TTT) as an extension to the LGD programme. In this programme, teacher and student trainers from each partner school have extended their support in delivering the environmental education module to kindergarten students in a fun and engaging way, benefiting over 270 preschools in Singapore.

The Little Green Dots Train the Trainer Program – Students from CHU St. Nicholas Girls Schools teaching YWCA preschoolers about recycling their used beverage cartons
The Little Green Dots Train the Trainer Program – Students from CHU St. Nicholas Girls Schools teaching YWCA preschoolers about recycling their used beverage cartons*

In 2019, we are proud to have the opportunity of partnering with seven schools to share our green messages to preschools. Our seven Little Green Dots partner schools are:


​Our partner schools have been greatly supporting us by sending their teachers and students to conduct environmental talks to the participating preschools on voluntary basis.

​As the Little Green Dot programme expands, Tetra Pak is open to invite more secondary schools, high schools, colleges and tertiary education institutions over the years. All LGD-TTT School Partners shall have been participating in the Tetra Pak School Recycling programme for at least 1 year.

If you wish to be a part of this LGD-TTT Program, please complete ​the Tetra Pak Little Green Dots Train the Trainer Registration Form  ​​

Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme

Participation Period:

January - Decem​ber 2020

What To Collect?

Used Beverage Cartons (UBCs) from drinks consumption by students and staff in school, or from consumption at home.

Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme

What To Do?

Tetra Pak will provide one special recycling bin for this programme.

Label the trash bag indicating collection for "Drink Packets". Place the trash bag at your school's recycling collection point.

Ensure that only UBCs are disposed into the trash bag. The Public Waste Collector (PWC) assigned to your school will collect the UBCs from the collection point (where all other recyclables are consolidated). The PWC will weigh the UBCs after collection and will send a monthly report to NEA and Tetra Pak. Schools can request for a collection report when necessary.​

Additional supports from Tetra Pak: (Upon request and subject to availability)

  • Recycling talk / upcycling workshop
  • One sponsored recycling bin for UBCs
  • Free loan and delivery of recycling exhibits for special events

To apply, plea​se complete ​the Tetra Pak Recycling Communications Support Request Form 


A sponsored educational trip to visit a recycling plant in Malaysia for top UBC collection schools and partner schools​ (subject to yearly plan)


The Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme is part of our greater effort to create awareness and encourage recycling of used beverage cartons in Singapore. The programme​ is in its 13th cycle this year and is now open for registration.​

View Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme Participating Schools 

To participate (subject to availability and registration deadline), click here​ 

For more information, please view the
Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme - Frequently Asked Questions