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The Convergence of Health & Environment

Tetra Pak research study reveals the convergence of environment and health is growing, and the Food and Beverage Industry is first to see this trend.

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Global news and press releases

Sustainable JNSD line pays off – Tetra Pak wins “IFU 2019 Innovation Award”

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we realized that something could be done differently in the Juice-Nectar-Still Drink industry and decided to focus on how to make juice production sustainable

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Tetra Pak opens the doors to startups in conjunction with Accelerace

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Tetra Pak is working with Accelerace, the leading accelerator globally, to find the most ambitious startups working in food processing technologies.

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Tetra Pak to offer new levels of customisation and flexibility with digital printing technology

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Tetra Pak is to become the first company in the food and beverage carton industry to offer full-colour digital printing on its carton packages.

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Tetra Pak 2018 Sustainability Report

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The 2018 Sustainability Report provides an updated overview of how Tetra Pak is striving to drive its sustainability agenda across all areas of business

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Customer cases and articles

A whole world of exciting yoghurt opportunities

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Learn about regional approaches to yoghurt and other fermented dairy products such as quark, kefir, Yakult, ambient yoghurt, lassi, ayran, skyr and sour cream

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The rise of ambient yoghurt

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Ambient drinking yoghurt, which does not need refrigeration, is popular among Chinese consumers and is now spreading across Asia Africa and Latin America

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Clean-label yoghurt: what you need to know

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Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in the food. Our white paper gives an introduction to “clean label” yoghurt made with fewer additives.

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VP External Communications
Mobile: +91 124 4124674
Email: sumit.khatter@tetrapak.com

Zoe Ngobeni,

Senior PR Manager
Mobile: +39 346 3700470
Email: uzothile.ngobeni@tetrapak.com

Jane Jarosz,

Director Public Relations and Sustainability
Mobile: +39 345 4441699
Email: jane.jarosz@tetrapak.com

Pantharee Yordsree,

Senior PR Manager
Mobile: +46 46 362256

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