​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Orange Book

the complete journey of orange juice​

Because of its refreshing taste and wholesome nature, orange juice dominates the fruit juice market. It is unique among juices in that the consumer can easily compare its sensory properties with those of the fresh fruit or juice squeezed directly from fresh oranges.

This puts high demands on orange juice producers to deliver the same level of quality, or as near as possible, as that consumers expect from fresh fruit. The challenge is particularly tough because orange juice is a complex beverage sensitive to the way it is treated.

Over the years, Tetra Pak has been closely involved with orange juice products. We believe that some of this experience could also be of interest to our customers. As a supplier of both processing equipment and packaging systems, Tetra Pak has hands-on competence with all steps in the production chain, from the fruit tree to the distribution of packaged orange juice.

A journey with juice​

The Orange Book follows the complete journey of orange juice. It begins with the various types of orange fruit, proceeds through all the processing and packaging steps, and ends with the distribution of the end product to consumers.

Along the way there is a chance to look at market information, juice quality and categories, the trading and shipping of products, and industry standards and regulations. Consideration is given throughout to the factors that influence end-product quality, including the role of flavour and product blending.

A mine of information

From bulk concentrate and onwards, much of what is described in The Orange Book is also valid for orange nectars and other types of fruit juices. However, the production requirements for pure orange juice are usually more stringent​ in order to satisfy consumer expectations for this product.

We hope you will find The Orange Book useful in providing consumers with the most enjoyable fruit juice provided by nature.​​

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