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Reducing loss and waste compared to wet cooking methods

Using precision heating, the Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DDA reduces fat loss which leads to the increased yields. Compared to traditional wet cooking methods, dry cooking eliminates the need for around 2,500 litres of cook water, as the heating media is recirculated in enclosed augers and jackets. The water used for indirect heating through the cooker bodies and augers is retained and can be used day after day. The result is reduced water consumption. 

One other benefit of dry cooking is that fat is not lost to the cook water. In wet cookers, some fat is always transferred from the curd to the water and is washed out. Dry cooking keeps this fat in the curd resulting in increased yield through improved fat retention.

With a dry cooker, operators can add ingredients such as flavouring, salt, etc. without them being washed away.  They can also control cheese temperature increases through independent control of heating methods. The enclosed heating circuits effectively reduce heat loss, thereby increasing overall energy efficiency. 

The integrated weigh plate, in combination with a speed roller, measures the weight and velocity of the cheese. This precise information enables accurate dosing of salt and other ingredients with excellent repeatability. And as the Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DDA handles the dosing, there is no need for a separate dry salting machine, resulting in a smaller footprint as well.

That means you eliminate wastewater and reduce energy loss – all while securing a consistent, repeatable and high product quality. 


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