Taking a holistic perspective on food systems

Everyone, everywhere deserves access to safe, nutritious food. But today, millions of people live without it. The way food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed – summarised by the UN under the term food systems – is unbalanced, wasteful and unsustainable. To improve food security and have a less negative impact on the planet, food systems need to transform. At Tetra Pak, we are committed to play our part in making food systems more secure and sustainable.

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How can we play a part in moving the world’s food systems forward?

Transforming the world’s food systems is no small undertaking. It requires system-wide collaboration with customers, governments, stakeholders, and NGOs. That is why we are working across the entire value chain to achieve a world with secure and sustainable food systems.

Moving food forward paper

Moving food forward

Get a quick overview of today’s global food challenges and how we at Tetra Pak will play our part in moving food forward – for a world with more secure and sustainable food systems.

A world with secure and sustainable food systems

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At Tetra Pak, our ambition is to play a part in shaping a world with secure and sustainable food systems. There are three key areas where we will play our part; increase access to safe, nutritious food, reduce food loss and waste, and build sustainable food value chains.

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Building resilient food systems

The United Nations Food Systems Summit comes at a critical time and offers global food systems actors a unique opportunity to work together to tackle the food systems challenges and work towards secure and sustainable food systems.

Our journey

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Increasing access to safe, nutritious food

Combining our global network with food packaging, processing, and technical expertise, we are committed to making food safe and available.

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Reducing food loss and waste

Together with our customers, we develop high-performance food processing solutions to minimise food loss and create food packaging solutions that help increase shelf life and reduce food waste.3

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Building sustainable food value chains

Together with our suppliers and stakeholders, we support, develop and supply solutions that encourage sustainable production, processing, packaging, distribution, and consumption.

Our work

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School Feeding Programmes

The first school milk programme using Tetra Pak packages was introduced in 1962. We have since then continued to support our customers and work in collaboration with governments, NGOs and UN Agencies in the development and implementation of school feeding programmes around the world.

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Dairy Hubs

We support our customers with Dairy Hub projects that set up milk collection infrastructure and provide hands-on practical training to give more smallholder farmers access to formal markets.

How we contribute

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On our journey towards addressing global challenges related to food security and nutrition, it is essential to collaborate between stakeholders. Learn more how we collaborate throughout our journey.

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3Sustainable food systems mean growing, producing, processing, packaging, distributing and consuming food without negatively impacting the planet. Retrieved from OECD. (2019). Accelerating Climate Action. Source: OECD iLibrary