Ice cream – cool, creamy and delicious

It’s pretty safe to say that everybody loves ice cream. And the variations and flavours seem endless. We have solutions that cover the whole range of delicious ice cream products, from popsicles to ice cream cakes.

Ice cream ranges from offerings with a healthier profile that are low in fat and/or carb content, to indulgent products higher in fat and often including ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and syrups.

Processing and packaging

Tetra Pak is the world-leading, single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream.

The full range of our ice cream equipment covers raw material storage through mix preparation to continuous freezing and inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of stick products, cups, cones, sandwiches, cakes and family packs. In fact, we cover the entire range of ice cream products.

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Based on our long experience, we can help you develop innovative and attractive ice cream products. Learn more about ice cream consumables, recipes and product ideas. 

Ice cream cases and articles

Ice cream and ice cream wrapping

Getting ready for the future of ice cream wrapping

What’s the future of ice cream wrapping? Filled with challenges, for sure. But there are ways to meet them.

Plant-based ice cream

Plant-based frozen desserts are a future delight

Plant-based frozen desserts are booming and becoming mainstream products. Our expertise in dairy and plant-based can lead you into a new product world.

Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 A4 for ice cream moulding

Breaking the mould for moulded ice cream

By innovative the traditional design, the Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 A4 takes ice cream moulding to new heights, both figuratively and literally

Tetra Pak Dasher and beater cross section image

Tetra Pak dasher and beater for best ice cream

The magic of ice cream production happens in a dasher and beater. So what do you need to know before buying one, and which type should you choose?

Avocado ice cream

Trends shaping the future of ice cream

Consumer tastes and habits continue to evolve. So how can you as an ice cream producer meet the ever-changing demands? Check out this trend article to find out.

Two Tetra Pak ice cream experts

Reasons to visit Tetra Pak Product Development Centre

Here are ten ways that Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centre (PDC) in Aarhus, Denmark, can help you with ice cream ideas and solutions.

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Girl with crayons, drawing ice cream

Turning passion into products

Find out more about how we combine a passion for frozen desserts with expertise, experience and equipment to create great ice cream – together with you.

Ice cream models and blue print

Ice cream Product Development Centre

At the Tetra Pak Ice Cream PDC you can experiment with the latest ice cream processing solutions in a complete production environment at semi-industrial scale.

Best-practice high-capacity extrusion line

Best-practice lines for ice cream

Our best-practice lines for ice cream combine our proven solutions into the most optimal setup for a specific product at a specific capacity. What this means for you is high yields, product versatility, and highly reliable production – with guaranteed performance.