​​​​​​​Processing applications for small volume dairy products

This category includes smaller volume products that are based on milk, or at least include a certain amount of milk. Typical examples are coffee and tea whiteners, buttermilk and LAD (lactic acid drinks). Non-dairy creams are also included.

Our customers in this segment are often dedicated to producing just one of these products. Thanks to our food expertise, we are ideally placed to help them develop the best processing methods for any given product.  In 99% of cases, we have a reference line up and running somewhere in the world, upon which we can base your customised line solution. 

Why not take advantage of our pilot plant at the Product Development Centre in Sweden to try out new recipes? Varying the ingredients and process parameters until you get the desired result is always quicker and easier on a small scale. And there is no need to worry about what happens when you scale up production, since our pilot plant precisely replicates the conditions of a full-scale line.

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