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Optimising learning for efficient operation

For F&B production facilities, it’s essential for staff to know how to operate the equipment and how to maintain it on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary down

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The biggest B2B e-commerce trends

E-commerce is thriving, especially for B2B companies where we’re seeing rapid growth in the utilisation and maturity of online platforms. Read about the trends

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Remote support saves you time - and money

Our improved Remote Support service minimises disruption more than ever thanks to industry-leading innovations and features.

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Improved visibility of cleaning operations

CIP optimization enabled a performance driven culture across the whole company. This is how we helped a producer of fermented milk products in Brazil.

Integrated services in a plant

Integrated services for cost reduction and performance boost

Combining Tetra Pak® Services such as maintenance, automation and digital expertise, training, and upgrades helps you cut costs and boost performance.

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The full equipment lifecycle approach

How Tetra Pak® Services help customers focus on their passion – cheesemaking

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Tailored service agreement increases production

More capacity with Tetra Pak® Plant Perform Agreement. At the end of the agreement period, the Total Capacity Utilization (TCU) had increased by 11%

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Reliability, maintenance in juice producer's lines

A beverage producer within juices, nectars and still drinks wanted to secure reliability and performance of their three new Tetra Pak filling lines.

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Get more value from your equipment

Upgrade Kits by Tetra Pak® increase operational performance and cost competitiveness by bringing the latest innovation and functionality to your equipment

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Accessing the right expertise at the right time

California-based producer obtains the services it needs to meet regulatory requirements– and enhances product quality and brand protection

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Brazilian dairy producer boosts production time

Brazilian dairy producer increases Production Time Utilisation by 26% in nine months and eliminates unsterility cases

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Frontiers of productivity solutions

To produce high quality products, deliver them to customers on time and minimise costs a manufacturer needs to find ways to continuously improve their operation

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Food producer reduces unsterility cases

Tetra Pak carried out an Assessment of Operators and determined that targeted assessment and training would improve competence levels within the 4-M model.

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Opportunities in digitalisation and connectivity

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the food and beverage industry as we know it. They offer unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety

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Ensuring daily supplies of dairy products

Most of our customers worldwide have been facing unforeseen challenges due to supply chain disruptions, as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restriction

COVID-19 Serving our customers to ensure food supply

COVID-19: Serving customers, ensuring food supply

Roberto Franchitti shares insights on how Tetra Pak Services is helping to maintain food and beverage production during the COVID-19 crisis

Industry 4.0 food safety and quality

Technical paper: Industry 4.0: Food safety & quality

Industry 4.0 is helping manufactures improve food safety & quality. Discover new ways of meeting increasing demands from consumers, retailers, regulators and sh

Unlock the value of connectivity by starting small

Industry 4.0: Dream big, start small

Industry 4.0 and connectivity is transforming the food and beverage industry. Get started on your Industry 4.0 journey.

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Predictive Maintenance reduces downtime

Thanks to Predictive Maintenance from Tetra Pak, a South American dairy producer was able to avoid more than 140 hours of downtime.

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FDA compliance for fruit purée producer

See how the Tetra Pak automation service teams helped a fruit purée producer secure 100% compliance with FDA regulations.

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Improved quality control reduces milk sales loss

Tetra Pak’s aseptic production expertise and an updated Quality Control system helped a milk producer reduce loss of sales due to poor quality.

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Total Productive Maintenance saves $6.5M

When Tetra Pak helped an American dairy manufacturer implement a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system, the results included significant cost reductions.

Bright Dairy in China

Optimized milk homogenization for longer shelf life

Bright Dairy in China wanted one solution to integrate all processing and packaging operations in their entire plant

Improving operational efficiency

Improving operational efficiency - Asset-utilisation

How do you increase your operational efficiency? Entering basic characteristics about your plant into our online operational benchmark tool will give an idea.

TPS Experts

Global ice cream producer optimizes equipment

A global ice creamer producer has achieved success with economies of scale, producing in high volumes and keeping costs as low as possible.