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Your gateway to delicious ice cream

Around the world, ice cream lovers enjoy delicious ice cream achieved through our partnerships with many loyal customers. Our successful cooperation with them has led to the good reputation of Tetra Pak Ingredients Solutions in satisfying the demands of both ice cream producers and the discerning taste of consumers. You're in a win-win situation with us, a part of Tetra Pak.

We have established durable partnerships with several of the world's leading producers of ice cream ingredients and other essential supplies. This provides you with a one-stop shop for a wide variety of products and services for ice cream processing and packaging.

Our ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates are your guarantee of our professional competence, commitment to high quality and compliance with international standards. Tetra Pak Ingredients Solutions has sales in 50 countries.

Product ideas

Based on our long experience and monitoring of current market trends, we can help you develop innovative and attractive ice cream products. This is the first step in providing you with a high level of customer satisfaction right along the value chain.

Recipe formulation and selection of raw materials

You can benefit from our recipes for economical production. We monitor the development of raw materials including substitute alternatives, as well as focus on other essential ingredients - all in order to optimize recipes for specific markets.

Logistics, shipping and documentation

We enable timely arrival of your deliveries at competitive rates, thanks to the high volume of our business, along with accurate shipping documents. We can also consolidate several products in one shipment to give you the benefits of a single invoice, lower freight costs, and just one problem-free customs clearance.

Optimal ice cream production

Our expertise in ice cream production and packaging, knowledge of Tetra Pak ice cream equipment, and provision of a one-stop shop enable us to partner with you in creating the conditions necessary for optimal ice cream production.

Production Know-How

If you need guidance in how to bring to perfection your ice cream products – please do not hesitate to use our expertise to e.g. improve your recipes and evaluate your production process. ​​​

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