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Plant-based ice cream

Plant-based frozen desserts are a future delight

Plant-based frozen desserts are booming and becoming mainstream products. Our expertise in dairy and plant-based can lead you into a new product world.

Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 A4 for ice cream moulding

Breaking the mould for moulded ice cream

By innovative the traditional design, the Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 A4 takes ice cream moulding to new heights, both figuratively and literally

Looking at data reports

Optimise your operations

Tetra Pak offers a range of products, upgrades and services that enable you to optimise your commercial ice cream manufacturing operations.

Tetra Pak dasher and beater presentation

The magic inside Tetra Pak Continuous Freezers

Correct ice cream texture demands complete control over the size of the ice crystals, the size of the air bubbles and how fat agglomerates on those bubbles.

Tetra Pak Dasher and beater cross section image

Tetra Pak dasher and beater for best ice cream

The magic of ice cream production happens in a dasher and beater. So what do you need to know before buying one, and which type should you choose?

Avocado ice cream

Trends shaping the future of ice cream

Consumer tastes and habits continue to evolve. So how can you as an ice cream producer meet the ever-changing demands? Check out this trend article to find out.

Two Tetra Pak ice cream experts

Reasons to visit Tetra Pak Product Development Centre

Here are ten ways that Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centre (PDC) in Aarhus, Denmark, can help you with ice cream ideas and solutions.

An illustration of a colorful ice cream cone and popsicle

The science of why everyone loves ice cream

What role does molecular structure, colour, the manufacturing process and other factors have on our level of enjoyment when it comes to ice cream?

Three children eating ice cream

How to achieve the right mouthfeel in ice cream

What ice cream properties do you want your consumers to experience? And how should you configure your production to achieve them?

Orange popsicles in production

4 secrets to successful ice cream production

Technical Product Manager and specialist Steen Gyldenloev shares 4 insider tips to help you optimize production and get the best from your ice cream equipment.

Ice cream decoration equipment

Tetra Pak® Decoration Depositing unit for ice cream creativity

The Tetra Pak® Decoration Depositing unit is an innovation that sets a new standard for ice cream decoration.

Man and woman in factory

Local expert services

Expert services and support for ice cream producers. Solutions covering repairs and maintenance, spare parts, components, and ingredients – fast and near you.

Man eating ice cream

Ice cream and hygiene

The latest on ice cream and food safety. Learn about hygiene in production, ingredients, equipment design, packaging, traceability, consumer concerns and more.

illustration of ice cream one -stop shop

Everything you need for ice cream

A one-stop offer covering all aspects of commercial ice cream production, including product development, processing and packaging solutions plus services.

Illustration of different ice cream types

Ice cream types – and how to make them

What are the most popular ice cream types globally? How are they made? And what equipment do you need to make them?

Digitalising ice cream

The digitalisation of ice cream

What does the future hold for commercial ice cream production? We explore the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation.

food technologists inspecting equipment

Increased efficiency through data insights

We’re introducing Ice cream Line Insight®, a digital solution that lets ice cream manufacturers improve production line efficiency through insights.

Expert plant-based frozen desserts

Processing challenges in plant-based frozen desserts

We look at four common production challenges when producing plant-based frozen desserts – and how to solve them in this article.

How ice cream manufacturers can use innovation to overcome the challenges of Covid-19

Innovating ice cream amidst Covid-19 challenges

Tetra Pak is the leading provider of equipment to make ice cream – from the mix-plant, freezers, ingredient dosers, extrusion​ and end-of-line solutions

People at Hansen Flødeis

Taste is king at Hansens Flødeis

Hansens Flødeis, a premium ice cream producer in Denmark, uses three generations of freezers, all from Tetra Pak in their ice cream production.

Henning-Olsen ice cream sticks

The art of large inclusions

Learn how Norway’s Hennig-Olsen Is effectively produces ice cream with large chunks.

Elsebeth Baungaard and Per Henrik Hansen

Ice cream production with large inclusions

White paper about extruded ice cream products with large inclusions.

Bachir Ice Cream

Step by step with Bachir Ice Cream, king of Lebanese ice cream

For Lebanese Bachir Ice Cream a good ice cream recipe is not enough. It needs to be combined with optimal processing technology and knowledge

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice Cream brings tasty ice cream in sticks, cones, sandwiches, bars and tubs to European consumers and are now also producing its own sweet sauces

Ice cream sandwich

Inspiration for your ​​​​next ice cream product

This summer, we asked people around the world to get creative and send us their freshest ideas for ice-cream. Read the report with the winning ideas

Woman scooping ice cream

Only the best for premium ice cream brand Bruno Gelato

As a premium ice cream brand, Bruno Gelato is dependent on two things: high-quality ingredients and having a reliable and consistent production process.

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezers

Perfect freezers for more than just ice cream

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer units are market-leading in ice cream production. But their advantages can also shine in many other applications.