Secure food safety and performance reliability with Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants

Tetra Pak offers a complete range of food grade lubricants to cover homogenizers for food processing, developed after extensive work and research within processing engineering depart­ments. Our new lubricants perform better than traditional mineral oils and provide several key benefits.

Today’s challenge from lubrication in food industry

The market is moving towards food grade solutions

As more processes are automated in food production and reliance on machinery increases, there are more pressures on food processors operating with reduced work staff. These companies have higher goals for yields and waste reduction in production facilities while plants and operators are under time pressures with less emphasis on personnel training and education.

There are customer pressures to those sourcing food products around private labeling, contract manufacturing and retailers putting regulatory and additional testing requirements on products. The need to focus on food safety now is growing.

Minimizing risks

Defects and recalls cause unexpected large costs in any food producer business. Therefore the usage of Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants minimizes the risk of causing harm to the end consumer, when product is being in contact with small amounts of food grade oil, which also has no odor, no color and no taste.

This would not be the case if the product were in contact with mineral oil.
Are you still using mineral oil?

Designed for incidental, technically unavoidable contact with the food product

The best choice for your Tetra Pak® equipment as it combines performance with food protection.

Used on equipment and machine parts where there is no possibility for food contact

Derived from a non-vegetable (mineral) source, particularly a distillate of crude oil

Why choose Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants?

Food Safety, Performance, Quality and Convenience

Food safety certified by NSF

The NSF mark lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product's development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn the certification.


Over the last 10 years, substantial technological developments have been made and today, food grade lubricants perform better than traditional mineral oils in several key areas.

Quality approved by Tetra Pak®

H1 FGL is the best choice for Tetra Pak® equipment as it combines performance with food protection. Our partners are global leaders in the development of specialty lubricants whose entire production process is ISO21469 certified.


It is easy to change from mineral oil to Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants. For most of the homogenizers a special upgrade is not required. Just a simple oil drain, clean and refill. Business is also made easy by simplified ordering and distribution.

Ensuring reliable performance with Tetra Pak® Food Grade Lubricants

The importance of lubrication

Lubricants are integral machine elements and equipment will not function as intended without adequate lubrication.

Inadequate lubrication may result in:

  • Component failure
  • Loss of line efficiency
  • Lost production
  • Quality defects
  • Delivery problems

Avoid the risk of losing customers or increased operating costs by ensuring proper equipment lubrication.

Double oil life time with the magic formula of synthetic oil

Tetra Pak food grade oils are synthetic oils that contain additives that may dissolve old sticky residues in gearbox or crankcase. These residues could result in a colour change from transparent to dark at the first oil change. If machine is equipped with oil filter, this should also be exchanged.

  • By changing from mineral oil to Tetra Pak food grade oil the normal oil change at 6000 hr can be extended to 12000 hr.
  • Waste reduction hence reduce disposal costs
  • Labour cost savings - reduce man-hours for lubrication and increase staff availability

Reduce wear rate and Save more energy

Tetra Pak food grade oils have less variation of the oil viscosity due to temperature and have a lower internal friction which gives less energy losses compared to mineral oils. The potential energy saving of homogenizer is around 3%, comparing to traditional mineral oil.

Reducing wear rate of mechanical components can also lead to less maintenance.


Lubricant H1-0540 (220 cSt)
1607012-0020, 20 L Can

Lubricant H1-0550 (460 cSt) – (Heavy Duty*)
1607015-0020,  20 L Can

*Heavy duty Start sequence with high load and low r.p.m.


Lubricant H1-0500 (320 cSt) – (Standard)
1607010-0005, 5L Can
1607010-0020, 20L Can
Lubricant H1-0540 (220 cSt)**
1607012-0020, 20 L Can

**May also be applicable for some SEW Gearboxes

Hydraulic unit

Hydraulic H1-0530  (68 cSt)
1607002-0020, 20 L Can


Grease H1-0510
1607033-0370, 370g cartridge
1607033-0025, 25kg bucket

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