What is Tetra Pak® Competence Development Programme?​

Tetra Pak® Training Services Competence Development Programmes are carefully tailored and customised training programmes for all of your staff following the Assess-Train-Certify concept.

Whether you are starting up with new equipment, introducing new products, onboarding new employees, or aiming to improve the competence level of existing staff, we make sure to help your workforce acquire and maintain the skills they need to perform their responsibilities in the best possible way.

We have developed several Competence Development Programmes for the different roles, and our Competence Development Specialists are always prepared to support your needs.

Challenges in Food and Beverage Production Today

  • Technology and best practices evolving fast
  • Consumer demands are ever-increasing
  • High turnover of competent staff
  • Productivity is key to success

Improving your production workforce's competence can help!

Challenges in food and beverage production today

When can our competence development plans help you?​

Tetra Pak® Competence Development Programme

"Assess – Train – Certify" Approach to Meet Customer Goals



  • Interview
  • Written test
  • Observation

Visualise current competence levels and improvement areas to track progress.

Customised training

Customised training

  • Instructor-led
  • Coaching
  • Anytime learning

Engage and motivate participants with training programmes that are customised to their needs.



  • Written test
  • Observation
  • Operator certification (Filling Machine & Distribution Equipment)

Verify that the operator has the right competence to run the machine correctly and safely.

What can you expect from a training program? 

Below is an example of a newly recruited filling machine operator's competence development journey.

It starts with instructor-led training on the specific filling machine, followed by equipment coaching to support operators on the job when they face difficulty applying skills.

Then comes training on food safety and package evaluation and Tetra Pak PLMS data input, ensuring the operators can verify the final output package is of desired quality and can interpret and input appropriate PLMS data.

After around six months, the operator is assessed on a filling machine, and customised training is provided to address observed competence gaps. The journey concludes with operator certification.

Anytime learning (micro-learning videos) can further speed up the learning journey.

Helping businesses succeed.
See our case studies:

One of the plants had a high number of unsterility cases because operators lacked the skills needed to carry out proper cleaning of production equipment.

Customised assessment and training were developed to meet the specific needs of the plant, allowing for short and effective sessions.

By combining the assessment and training programme with parallel initiatives unsterility cases were reduced by 55%.

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