​​​​​​​​​​Biggest in the Nordic region​​

In Tollarp, Sweden, Orkla Foods makes 18,000 tonnes of jam, marmalade and sauce every year. 

Five customised Tetra Pak® Food Processors made production more flexible and maintenance easier at the biggest jam factory in the Nordics. “We used to have equipment that cost a stupendous amount to maintain,” says Erik Wendel, Site Manager at Orkla Foods in Tollarp. “It was completely non-functional during maintenance, it was difficult to clean because lots of parts were close to the floor, and it was impossible to predict when service would be necessary. As a result, we were often forced to replan production at short notice,” he says.

Main benefits with the solution:

  • Easier maintenance
  • Improved flexibility and better combination possibilities 
  • Improved capacity 
  • Better control of the boiling process

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Tetra Pak Food Processor

Tetra Pak® Food Processor

Efficient processing of low to high viscous and smooth to particulate products.

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White paper on heating process for food with particles

According to our research on the processing of food particles, huge improvements can be made in how we process particles.

From idea t commercial product

From idea to commercial product: how we can help

Turn your ideas for new dressings and spreads into commercial products with the help of Tetra Pak’s Product Development Centres and Technology Test Centres.