Processing applications for ice cream cones​

Flat top ice cream cones

How about a delicious cone with an enticing swirl of nuts and chocolate on the top? We have the filling line you need. And there's no need to worry about the cone getting soggy. Our advanced technology for chocolate spray coating uses the minimum amount of product to coat the cone. It eliminates the soggy cone problem and delivers significant savings on chocolate.

Ball top ice cream cones

How do you create irresistible ball top cones for consumers and make good margins for your business? The answer is our ice cream extrusion line with added gripper. The ice cream is frozen down to minus 18 degrees in a hardening tunnel to make it cold enough for dipping, then turned upside down by the gripper and dipped in chocolate or similar before wrapping. For highly decorated cones, our upright hardening ensures the shape remains intact throughout the whole cooling process.

Multiple decoration options

Our ice cream filling lines offers a wealth of filling options. Side-by-side filling, tulips, flames, chocolate curls, windmill styles, nuts, sauces, liquid chocolate, chocolate discs, pencils – your options are endless.​

Low total cost of ownership​

Using our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation tool, we can help you focus on the right aspects of production in order to optimise your margins.

Best-practice medium-capacity filling line for ice cream cones

Grow your ice cream portfolio and gain higher product quality at a lower unit cost with this state-of-the-art solution for medium-capacity cone filling.

Best-practice lines for ice cream cones

Medium-capacity filling line for ice cream cones 

Our best-practice medium-capacity filling line for ice cream cones is specially designed for producers of up to 18,000 cones per hour.  The line offers end-to-end scope – from ingredient dosing to packaging – yet comes with just the core components you need. The plug-and-play design facilitates quick and easy delivery and installation. This new, robust line is based on the best proven solutions in the ice cream industry.
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Extrusion Line

We offer a complete range of extrusion lines for smaller, medium or high production capacities of all product types. They are built on modules that are designed to fit seamlessly together, optimizing your production capability and product versatility. A typical line consists of a freezer, worktable, hardening tunnel, transfer and dipping, and wrapping.
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Filling Line

Robust in-line filling machines enable you to make the most exciting and high quality fillings with large inclusions, swirl, ripple and several dry and wet toppings. The modular format makes changing between different product configurations easy. A typical line consists of dispensing, filling and decorations, chocolate spray and lid handling modules – all working smoothly together.
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Medium-capacity extrusion line

Designed for producing up to 18,000 ice cream products/hour, this best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line is highly reliable, for safe, hygienic quality and easy operation. It paves your way for future growth, being easy to upgrade and adapt and letting you easily make new, sophisticated ice cream products with changeovers on the fly. All for a competitive cost that gives you the most for your investment.
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High capacity filling line

This best-practice ice cream filling line allows you to produce any ice cream cone and cup product. It can comprise up to 12 lanes and produce 2,400 to 45,000 pieces per hour. Featuring the Big Drum Choice Filler, the line offers extremely high production accuracy and repeatability for maximum output and uptime. Multiple filling and dosing options support a wide diversity of product architectures and decorations.
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