A Whole Portfolio of Hot Melt Adhesives

Tetra Pak's market-leading hot melt adhesives for post-applied caps, straws, and secondary packaging, offer unsurpassed quality, performance and food safety. Our combination of premium adhesives and vast packaging knowledge is unmatched worldwide. Tetra Pak hot melt adhesives save money through higher uptime, reduced maintenance and low operating cost.

Tetra Pak® CapFix - hot melt adhesives for post-applied caps

Tetra Pak® StrawFix - hot melt adhesives for straws

Tetra Pak® TrayFix - hot melt adhesives for secondary packaging

Enhances Quality, Performance, and Make Business Easy

Tetra Pak Adhesives offer you many benefits:
  • Thorough testing and development
  • Food contact approval/assessment
  • Cleaner running and lower maintenance frequency
  • Quality approved by Tetra Pak®
 hot melt adhesive

Choosing the Right Hot Melt Adhesive

Increase production uptime

Increase production uptime and reduce maintenance.

They are specially formulated

Specially formulated to tolerate tough handling conditions and ensure packages reach the consumer in prime condition.

No more leaky caps

Ensures no more leaky caps, dislodged straws and loose tray flaps that cost you time, money and reputation.

Tetra Pak Adhesives for Different Applications

Tetra Pak® CapFix

Attachment of post-applied caps

Tetra Pak® StrawFix

Attachment of straws and sealing of secondary packaging

Tetra Pak® TrayFix

Sealing of secondary packaging

Produced and tested in collaboration with  
A global leader in adhesive technology, innovation and sustainability.

Challenges businesses are facing?

Your business covers all administrative costs, maintenance and bears the full risk if something goes wrong. Hot melt is bought on a per kg basis, and businesses are responsible for optimising the machines and maintaining good consumption and quality.

Your situation today:

  • Buying hot melt at price per kg with administration costs.
  • Quality concerns with the final product.
  • Experiencing frequent stops, high waste and labour-intensive manual operations and maintenance.

Secure Quality with the Tetra Pak® Hot Melt Service Agreement

The Tetra Pak® Hot Melt Service Agreement handles your complete hot melt solution. It streamlines your business and saves you time with a convenient fixed cost per 1,000 packages at your desired quality level.
Secure quality with the Tetra Pak

Streamline your business with predictable
costs and secured quality.

A complete solution with competitive price per 1,000 packages

  • Get a fixed cost per 1000 packages throughout the contract duration.
  • Competitive price compared to current supply on price/kg basis

Secure quality at your desired level

  • Tetra Pak takes full responsibility for maintaining and optimizing the equipment as well as making sure the end product meets the preset quality standards when it comes to the attachment of caps and straws and closing of trays.

Consistent hot melt adhesive supply and less administration

  • Secure stock based on your forecasted production needs –without any inventory in your books.
  • Monthly invoicing based on production output.

Increase production uptime

  • Preventive maintenance – full support to clean and maintain your equipment according to your maintenance plan.
  • Corrective maintenance – issue resolution support to keep you up and running.

Helping businesses succeed.
See our case studies:


  • Complex supply situation:
    Multiple types of hot melts needed for different machines
  • Quality variation over time
  • Too many stops in Distribution Equipment:
    Fallen straws and open flaps


  • Hot Melt Service Agreement to create a simplified and standardised solution at a predictable cost.


↑ 400k€ in signed off added value

↑ Improved quality and performance


  • Improve operations and control costs, supply and process for hot melt used to affix straws onto portion packages.


  • A complete solution with fixed cost per 1,000 packages
  • Guaranteed quality for consistent hot melt adhesive and parts supply
  • On-site preventive and corrective maintenance and training.


Mean time between failure of the straw applicator:

↓ reduced by 12%

Gun module changes:

↓ reduced by 33%

Hot melt refills:

↓ reduced by 67%

All for a competitive fixed cost per 1,000 packs at their desired quality level.

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