Tetra Pak Index reports

The Tetra Pak Index is an annual report, identifying consumer trends driving new growth opportunities for our customers around the world. It also offers industry watchers with information on the latest facts, figures and trends related to the food and beverage industry.

The Tetra Pak Index 2023

What is the future of health and nutrition? And what do consumers really think about the latest innovations in food? To find out, we interviewed 5,000 consumers along with food and beverage experts from around the world. Discover their insights for understanding today’s trends and the opportunities for tomorrow’s brands.

Tetra Pak Index 2021

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Tetra Pak Index, which explores how the consumer landscape has been reshaped by COVID-19. Clearly, this crisis is not over by any means. But the road ahead looks clearer and we can begin to look to the future. In this report, we analyse the many changes we have seen in 2020 and 2021, and ask: what are the “sticky trends” that are here to stay? What will the post-pandemic world – and the post-pandemic consumer – look like? And what opportunities and further challenges might we see going forward?

Tetra Pak Index 2020

The 13th edition of the Tetra Pak Index, the first to be compiled in the wake of COVID-19, explores a very different world to the one we looked at the year before. It explores how the pandemic, an unprecedented event affecting communities worldwide, has created a new landscape of consumer concerns and needs, redefining the ground rules for the industry and creating new paradigms.

Tetra Pak Index 2019

As environmental issues become more evident in daily life, so concerns about the impact on our health are growing. The 12th edition of the Tetra Pak Index shows that the top two consumer concerns, environment and health, are now overlapping, particularly in the food and beverage industry. It explores the drivers of this new trend, and the opportunities it presents for brands going forward

Tetra Pak Index 2018

The 11th edition of the Tetra Pak Index focuses on the rise of online grocery and the unique opportunities it presents for the food and drink industry. Full of insights into this new omnichannel world, it is based on consumer research conducted in five countries, plus a deep dive shopper tracking study in US and UK, interviews with eRetailers in US, Europe and China and a global market segmentation study.

Tetra Pak Index 2017

The 10th edition of the Tetra Pak Index focuses on the fast-moving, information saturated world of the connected consumer. This in-depth global study explores how food and beverage brands can leverage social media and digital channels to cultivate engaging content that will to initiate and deepen consumer relationships; and harness the power of advocates to amplify positive messages.

Tetra Pak Index 2016

Focused exclusively on 100% juice for the first time, the ninth edition of the Tetra Pak Index report identifies consumer trends driving new growth opportunities for producers around the world. In a challenging global economic environment, the report reveals the three top product trends driving growth: vegetable nutrition, all natural, and speciality 100% juice.