Prepared food – soups, sauces and desserts

Consumers enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared food on-the-go, but they still want it to taste as good as homemade. Regardless if you produce soups, baby food or desserts, we help you provide your costumers with tasty food products that guarantee sterility and safety.

Convenience and great taste

Consumers want a wider variety readymade products that also taste “homemade”, with quality ingredients and high nutritional value, while reducing sugar, fat and additives. They’re also demanding greater convenience in preparation and eating on-the-go, and are increasingly favouring products that prioritise low environmental impact.

Processing and packaging

We offer you a complete range of pre-prepared food processing and packaging solutions. So you can provide your customers with tasty food products in attractive packages that guarantee commercial sterility and safety.

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Food Cases & White Papers


Navigating the mayonnaise maze

The world’s chefs have been practising on mayonnaise, and it shows. Wherever it travels in the world, it is adapted for different consumer preferences for taste

A guide to reducing long-term costs in food production

Guide to reducing long-term costs in food production

Considering the total cost of investment (TCO) before you invest in equipment for production of prepared food products can save you a huge amount of money.

Spreads and sauces, dipping

3 global food megatrends and how to take advantage of them

Clean label, healthy and sustainable foods are hot trends among consumers today. What are the implications for manufacturers dressings and spreads?

Girl eating sandwich

Achieve sustainable and flexible food production

Across the food industry, there’s no bigger challenge than achieving sustainable production. But production processes must be flexible to meet customer needs

Women at hummus bar

The healthy fast food that’s growing fast

Hummus is changing from a traditional food to a trendy snack. The global hummus market is growing at more than 10%. Check out the growth potential of hummus.

Tetra Classic cartons in steel baskets

The quest to preserve food and drink

Tetra Pak pioneered the development of aseptic packaging in the 1960s - described as ‘the greatest food innovation of the twentieth century’

Food and beverage packaging trend report

Trend report food and beverage packaging

In this report we share the insights into the latest global trends in the food and beverage packaging industry.

Salsa Rica processing equipment

Salsa Rica - A clear focus on quality

A fully automated and advanced mixing installation from Tetra Pak results in superior quality mayonnaise and dressings at Salsa Rica in Spain.

Lingonberry Jam

Biggest in the Nordic region

Five customised Tetra Pak® Food Processors are making production flexible and maintenance easier in Orkla Foods plant in the south of Sweden.

Kaslink drink in Tetra Brik Aseptic carton

Kaslink teams up with Tetra Pak to stay ahead

Kaslink is a young fearless Finnish food company with the ambition to create new, ground-breaking products. One trend is non-dairy products based on oat

Marinades and sauces from So Good Foods

Marinated success, sauces from So Good Foods

Making sauces and marinades, mixing the many ingredients is vital part in the production to obtain the perfect end product. So Good Foods is using Tetra Almix.


Seminars reduce mayonnaise production costs

Our experts held a series of seminars to share our research and knowledge in mayonnaise production and to present our new dedicated range of High Shear Mixers.