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Cases and articles showing our sustainability and environmental engagement. Here you'll find stories about food safety, food affordability, school feeding, responsible sourcing and recycling. 

Sustainability cases & white papers

flags in front of the European Parliament

Why sustainability commitments matter

Tetra Pak joins 100+ players in the food and beverage industry and signs up to the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.

Autumn forest road

Sustainable food production

On the road to sustainable food production: How to reduce energy, water and waste in oat beverage processing

Avocado ice cream

Trends shaping the future of ice cream

Consumer tastes and habits continue to evolve. So how can you as an ice cream producer meet the ever-changing demands? Check out this trend article to find out.

Tetra Pak and Tortoise podcast

Keeping food safe while decarbonising our world

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot on hold – but tackling the threat to our climate can’t wait. How can we feed the world sustainably whilst also decarbonising it?

Woman with cows, Dairy hubs

Customers praise remote Dairy Hub training

Through our Dairy Hub model, we participate to build local dairy value chains by providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers, supporting our dairy customers' ability to collect more quality milk

Smart cartons jpg

Opportunities in digitalisation and connectivity

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the food and beverage industry as we know it. They offer unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety

Tetra Pak team Binh Duong Vietnam

Energy-efficient buildings to reduce climate impact

Tetra Pak's dedication to sustainability extends beyond production processes to the design and construction of energy-efficient buildings.


Flexible working arrangements

Growing numbers of Tetra Pak personnel around the world are benefiting from flexible working arrangements giving employees more flexibility in where they work

Turkey zero waste project

Zero Waste Project teaches Turkey's children about nature

Tetra Pak is a partner in the Zero Waste Project, an education programme aimed at teaching school children in Turkey about the importance of protecting nature