Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S

Achieve optimal ice cream texture every time​

The new-generation Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S series gives you consistently smooth and uniform ice cream every time. These innovative freezers are also easily adaptable to a wide variety of ice cream recipes and enable quick and easy product changes.

They are also extremely sturdy, built for easy operation and the lowest possible maintenance. That robust design, small footprint and low total cost of ownership means a low production cost per ice cream product – and a smart investment for you. We’re making great ice cream easy.​


Freezing, mixing and whipping of ice cream mix and air to produce ice cream. Scraped-surface freezing of other products. ​

Freezer capacity

Model litres/h US gallons/h
​​Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S80 A1 ​​100 ​26
Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S300 M2 70-​300


​Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S700 A2 150-700 40-185


​​​Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S1500 A2 300-1500​​​​​​ 80-400

Actual outlet capacities will depend on mix formulation, outlet temperatures and other factors. Capacities are based on 100% overrun and a recipe with 10% dairy fat.​

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer S

Only the best is good enough for premium ice cream brand Bruno Gelato

As a premium ice cream brand, Bruno Gelato is dependent on two things: high-quality ingredients and having a reliable and consistent production process. Read how Bruno Gelato improved the ice cream production process using Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S1500 A2 freezers: