​​​​Processing applications for emmental cheese

Emmental is one example of a hard cheese. That means a cheese with a moisture content below 35%. Parmesan and Gruyère are two other well-known varieties. In the US this is a vast product category, popularised by the Swiss immigrants who took their cheese-making traditions with them to the new world in the 19th and 20th Centuries. It includes semi-hard cheeses that are grated to be use as ingredient in cooking.

When most people think of Swiss cheese, they think of Emmental. The holes in Emmental are caused by a special starter culture (used for acidification). It produces carbon dioxide and hence forms the bubbles that give Emmental its distinctive appearance.

The keys to successful and profitable hard cheese production are a uniform process, and weight and moisture accuracy. Our production equipment gives you all this. Our efficient and reliable machines also keep running - giving you long hours of cost-effective production.

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