Tetra Fino Aseptic, coconut design

"Size the opportunity" with Tetra Fino® Aseptic

There's a new member of the Tetra Fino® Aseptic (TFA) “OptiSize” family of products. The package is the third to be launched as part of the OptiSize family following the earlier introductions of 70 ml and 220 ml volumes.

OptiSize will help customers:

  • Hold and keep a competitive price point in the market
  • Expand their business beyond Liquid Dairy Products
  • Differentiate their product in the market place, thanks to the new slim shaped design
  • Achieve quicker time to market due to efficient conversion

Key Benefits

Girl drinking from a carton

Value friend

Tetra Fino® Aseptic guarantees to keep food safe for a long time. It protects against light and oxygen, keeping things as fresh, nutritious and tasty as the day they were packaged – even after a long trip home on a hot day. That’s bringing great value in a friendly format!

A Tetra Fino Aseptic carton pouch

It’s profitable

With several package sizes to meet your every need and the possibility to customize standard sizes, these low-cost paper-based packages help you improve your profitability. That’s bringing great value in a friendly format!

Tetra Fino Aseptic is available in seven different sizes from 100 ml to 1000 ml. It comes with a straw hole or opened using a pair of scissors.

Boy drinking juice

It’s basic & easy

This tough carton pouch is a low-cost way of making brands look good, and keeping food safe. It’s easy to pack, stack, store, promote and replenish. And it’s easy to hold and drink from. Quite simply, it’s easy to sell. That’s bringing great value in a friendly format!

Can be filled with:

  • Juice and Nectars

    This category includes fruit or vegetable juice / nectar where the real juice content is between 25 – 100%. (Juices = 100% / Nectars = 25 – 99%).

  • Dairy Products

    This category includes mainly non-liquid products - spoonable dairy products, ice cream mix and cheese products. These are dairy products that are not part of the category Liquid Dairy Products.

  • Liquid Dairy Products

    This category includes white milk, traditional cultured milk, flavoured milk, drinking yoghurt, lactic acid drinks, buttermilk, liquid cream, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk.

  • Water

    This category contains pure water with or without flavour .

  • Still Drinks

    This category includes fruit / flavoured/ vegetable drinks, tea and coffee based drinks, and sports and energy drinks with less than 25% real juice content.

  • Food

    This category includes all food related products that do not fall under any other category e.g. oil, vegetables, tomato preparations (sauces, paste, puree), soups/sauces. Tetra Recart can be used to fill products with particles and also pet food.

  • Dairy Alternative

    This category includes soy milk, non-dairy cream and rice/nut/grain and seed based drinks. These products are considered as alternatives to Dairy products.

Shapes & Volumes


70 ml 100 ml 150 ml 200 ml 220 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml



Pre-punched straw hole in packaging material
  • Easy way to open a Tetra Pak portion package
  • Well-accepted by consumers
  • Comes ready prepared on packaging material
  • Combine with a selection of low-cost, functional and fun straws

No opening

The package comes just as it is!
  • Simple and lowest cost solution (open with scissors)
  • Particularly suitable for single-use packages
  • Easy to stack

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