Mixing is the process of dissolving, emulsifying or dispersing powder and liquid ingredients into a liquid medium.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mixing for a smooth, homogenous product​

Mixing, a common operation in food processing, aims to efficiently achieve a smooth, homogenous product with consistent quality. Food processors, and consumers, insist on a perfect product every time. To achieve this, food processors must stay in complete control of every aspect of their production from beginning to end.

Mixing is a highly complex operation and often takes place early on in the process of food production. Thus, it is crucial for food processors to have the right mixing solution from the start and ensure complete control over the many factors that affect mixing efficiency and end-product quality.

In 2014 Tetra Pak acquired Miteco, A Switzerland based company and a leading provider of process solutions for soft drinks, fruit juices and liquid food. More products related to mixing can be found on the Miteco web site: www.miteco.com

Processing equipment for mixing

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer

Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer

Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer is a complete mixing solution. It solves any problem of lumping or fat separation to produce a homogenous product of superior quality.

Tetra Pak® Food Processor

Tetra Pak® Food Processor

Tetra Pak® Food Processor can both be used in a batch production scenario or as pre-treatment in a continuous production scenario. The food processor has its own PLC control system but can also be interlinked to an overall system.

Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI mixing for beverages

Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI

The Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI combines radial jet and coaxial injection technologies in a smart, ergonomic design for efficient addition and mixing of powders and concentrates in beverage production

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