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The show offers visitors a chance to see new machinery in action, find inspiration, new ideas and solutions, gain access to potential new suppliers and evaluate and purchase the latest technology as well as talk face-to-face with the industry’s leading technical experts.


Organised by the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) which comprises the PPMA, British Automation & Robot Association (BARA) and the UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA).​The processing of emulsified sauces, such as everyone’s favourite mayonnaise, can be a tricky business with increasingly complex consumer preferences for taste, texture and appearance as well as the increased focus on the health properties of the ingredients.  All these components must be addressed by manufacturers by accurately predicting and controlling the quality of the product, while also meeting local regulation and industrial standards that can differ from market to market.

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Tetra Pak has conducted a research project in the area of emulsified sauces processing, with the aim of sharing best practice across the industry. The findings have also been fed into the development of a completely new Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer that offers the most cost-efficient and flexible production of mayonnaise and emulsified sauces on the market today. The innovative solution also provide unprecedented control of the product quality and allow accurate variation of droplet size, texture and other product parameters to match desired preference


Another key output from the research project has been the development of a simulation tool that, based on input about ingredients, equipment and operating parameters, allow prediction of the output product quality. Besides reducing the need for trials the tool can also be used for optimization of production costs, trouble-free production scale-up, and not least, faster development and shorter time-to-market for new emulsified products.​


Mayonnaise production doesn’t have to be a maze, so do join us at PPMA on 26th September at 1pm in the Enterprise Zone ​for an insightful expert seminar and the opportunity to meet the experts!​

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Emulsified sauces such as mayonnaise pose a number of manufacturing challenges. We have the solutions and expertise for all types of emulsified sauces

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Tetra Recart® is the smart, future-proof packaging alternative to cans, glass jars, and pouches that’s made with renewable, responsibly sourced materials.


Navigating the mayonnaise maze

The world’s chefs have been practising on mayonnaise, and it shows. Wherever it travels in the world, it is adapted for different consumer preferences for taste