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Expanding access to safe food is a growing challenge for the entire food and beverage industry. As pioneers in food safety technologies, we enable our customers to deliver safe, high-quality products and continue to raise their own quality standards. Using the latest technologies, we continuously strive to push modern limits of packaging, processing and service solutions.

Food safety facing growing demands

Consumers, regulators and retailers are placing more and more demands on food safety in a world facing natural resource shortages and health and hygiene concerns. Using smart technology such as automation and tracing technology to meet food safety challenges, we can make the food industry more proactive and trusted among stakeholders.

End-to-end food safety

Food safety and quality is an end-to-end endeavour for Food and Beverage manufacturers. Innovation is core to ensuring safety at each step of the value chain, from designing food quality management systems to packaging automation to resolving specific food quality issues.

Connectivity ensures secure processes

Ensuring food safety across the value chain requires actionable insights. We make use of a range of emerging technologies, including AI, Internet of Things and data analytics, to create models and simulations that help customers predict plant performance, advance functionality and ensure traceability.

Traceability and transparency

As our customers face demand from their partners and consumers for traceability and transparency, we provide the right technologies for safe, traceable and sustainable food value chains. Connecting various data points, from our machine sensors to QR codes on our packages, we ensure a safe production process that is traceable throughout its entire lifecycle.
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