What is food quality?

Depending on your needs, you will define food quality in different ways.

As a consumer you expect that the food you buy tastes good, is nutritious and is safe to eat or drink… retailers need products that are attractive on their shelves… and food manufacturers, as well as guaranteeing that their products never harm consumers, need production processes that deliver products that taste, smell and look attractive when opened.

Tetra Pak plays a vital role in meeting these needs… in short, We Protect What’s Good.

We work with customers all around the world to help them achieve the highest possible food quality. We do this by using our unrivalled global experience to design and implement food quality management systems. We continuously evaluate academic research and emerging technologies to find and recommend new food quality measures and measurement techniques. And, if something goes wrong, we help our customers work out the problem and fix it.

Tetra Pak has developed our unrivalled food quality expertise and reputation for maintaining food safety by working with the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. We are continuously developing the ways we support customers with packaging materials, equipment and services.

This is why customers all around the world partner with Tetra Pak to guarantee their food quality and safety. To read more about the vital role we play, please read more here.

Food quality technology
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