Expand your UHT milk portfolio

It can be difficult to keep up with consumer demands, especially when tastes can change dramatically and new trends can emerge seemingly in an instant. Not every producer can make the most of every new opportunity, but there are actions you can take to make expanding your portfolio more straightforward. This is especially true for the UHT milk industry, as much of the technology used is already flexible, so sometimes all it takes to be able to manufacture an entirely new product is a wise addition or two to a production line.

In our guide we cover some products that are growing in popularity, and how you can adapt a standard UHT line to be able to start production of these popular foods and beverages. Whether you’re looking to launch a small batch and test market interest, or you need to start large-scale production as quickly as possible, you will find a lot of valuable information on what technology is best for a number of product areas. Discover what advantages you could gain by exploring the interesting world of UHT technology.


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How will you find your next successful product? Get inspired and discover the potential and flexibility of UHT technology in this guide.

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