​​​​​​​​Improved quality management helps milk producer reduce loss of sales

Our customer, a European ambient white milk producer, was applying their Quality Control (QC) routines in an inconsistent manner. Targets for quality performance were not always defined, and when they did exist they were rarely met. The plant also struggled with long reaction times whenever an issue occurred.

Training Services and updated Quality Control routines

To address these challenges, we wanted to analyse the correlation between data from production and consumer claims. To do this in an efficient way, we implemented a system that allowed us to capture data automatically. This included new software for managing the filling machines.

We also trained staff in best practice for Quality Control and updated the QC routines to reflect the training. The new routines were then loaded to the system.

Erasing effects, reducing loss of sales

Loss of sales due to quality issues was estimated to €500K per year. The improvements reduced this by 90% (€450K). Furthermore, the amount of consumer claims were cut in half, and the internal defect rate improved from 1 in 1’000 to 1 in 10’000 - in other words, nine out of ten internal defects were erased. 

The overall cost of quality was reduced by more than one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and the preparation time for audits was reduced from one week to a few hours.

Aseptic production expert at work.


  • Loss of sales due to quality issues reduced by 90%
  • Consumer claims reduced by 50%
  • Cost of quality reduced by >1 FTE