​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tetra Pak UHT Milk Quality​ Handbook

Learning how raw milk quality affects your UHT ​dairy products

Who is this booklet for?

This booklet is for dairy management and those responsible for quality management who want to improve the quality of their UHT dairy products, while optimizing their plant operations and holding costs down. It gives you practical information and guidance in managing UHT dairy products – from farm to shelf.

Why is milk quality so important?

The quality of incoming raw milk affects more than just the quality of your UHT dairy products as they leave your plant. It also has an effect on the shelf life.

Moreover, milk quality also affects the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your plant’s processing systems, in particular your heat​exchangers. Poor quality milk can clog heat exchangers, causing processing interruptions and necessity of extra cleaning time – with all the costs associated with these two events.
Getting a good grip on milk quality means you control your reputation with your customers – and protect and build your business.

What can I do to improve my dairy operations?

The first step you can take is to understand where your milk supply might be vulnerable. Variations in the quality of incoming raw milk can create problems. Do you know enough about the raw milk coming in to your plant? This handbook will point out areas where you can potentially improve quality.

The second step is to monitor the quality by measuring it at key points. We point out many simple measurements you can perform without elaborate equipment. Of course if you have access to more advanced lab equipment, you can test even more.

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