Tetra Pak collaborate with Plastigram to advance polyAl recycling for post-consumer carton packages

Plastigram Industries, a Czech-based company in Prague, has pioneered a method to recycle polyAl from carton packages. The company's innovative technology promises to transform post-consumer carton waste into valuable recycled materials.

Pile of polyAl pellets

Plastigram sought to develop an efficient and patented process for recycling polyAl, a vital component of carton packaging. Backed by Meridon Innovative Technologies Fund, the company embarked on constructing the first recycling factory in Czechia in August 2019. The company's unique and patented technology enabled the separation of polyAl from used carton packages, paving the way for the production of high-quality polyAl pellets.

The collaboration between Tetra Pak and Plastigram has the potential to generate significant positive impacts. By converting post-consumer carton waste into valuable polyAl pellets, the partnership fosters a circular economy, reducing waste and promoting recycling. 

Plastigram's state-of-the-art recycling factory will be pivotal in scaling up polyAl recycling operations. Tetra Pak and Plastigram will continue collaborating to develop innovative solutions for recycling post-consumer carton packages, contributing to more sustainable future.

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