​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fully automated and advanced mixing solutions for quality mayonnaise and dressings at Salsa Rica​​

Most of the time there are no people in the production room of Salsa Rica, a sauce producer in the small village of Agoncillo, La Rioja in northern Spain.  Still, every nine minutes the two production lines deliver around 1,000 kilos of prepared mayonnaise to buffer tanks which are connected by long steel pipes to the filling machines in the next room of the facility. Staff is simply not needed to set up and control the efficient batch production, as the advanced mayonnaise lines are fully automated. A flexible solution produces batch after batch of smooth, gleaming mayonnaise very accurately and consistently. A clear focus on quality is the key for Salsa Rica.​​​

“It’s a smart process that gives perfect quality every time,” comments Marcos Ochagavía, who is responsible for the company’s national sales and marketing. Recently, he and his sister Sara took over the business from their father Virgilio Ochagavía, who started the company in 1995. Since the start in a small warehouse producing sauces with second-hand machines, the company has increased production to become the leading manufacturer of mayonnaise for the food service market in Spain.​

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Please note: Downloadable asset in English​​​
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