Hardening equipment with lower energy consumption

Fast freezing in a hardening tunnel limits the growth of ice crystals and air bubbles to give you the desired ice cream texture. Our equipment is designed for rapid, efficient cooling. Thanks to the unique placement of fans in the hardening tunnel, the cooling process is accelerated by 'wind chill' directly on the products. The same effect can be achieved in the same amount of time as traditional hardening tunnels, but our process consumes up to 20% less energy.

After-cooling is needed to reduce the temperature of bars and bite-size ice creams rapidly after they have been covered in melted chocolate. For this, we provide a conveyor and a cooling house. Conveyors need to be put together in the production plant, and, when moving product from one conveyor to the other, product can easily get spilled and wasted. To prevent this, we provide hygienic and flexible solutions that transfer product gently, thus reducing waste and securing highest possible product quality.