Innovating in food supplements & nutritionals

Do you make products that serve a special purpose? Like meal replacements for people who want to lose weight …or gain weight; protein shakes for people who want to maximise their training …or recover faster after training; or perhaps medical foods to nourish those with very specific conditions and needs? If so, our Product Development Centres can help you expand, diversify, and efficiently launch new food supplements & nutritional products.

Emerging trends

The big consumer trends in food supplements & nutrition are, as elsewhere, health and sustainability.

Specific examples include hypoallergenic infant formula for babies who can’t digest cow-based milk, immunity-boosting foods to help consumers stay safe in the face of future pandemics, and products with the maximum amount of protein per serving for fitness enthusiasts.

We also see a growing interest in products that claim to make consumers look (not only feel) better. How about a shake with added collagen to enhance skin elasticity, for example?

Production challenges

Once you have a recipe to try out, the next question is how to achieve the right shelf life and product stability when producing on an industrial scale. How do you avoid the degeneration of nutrients, the precipitation of minerals and vitamins, or the separation of solid from liquid content? Another question is how to ensure your products keep their nutritional profile and remain appetising throughout their shelf life?

All this is doubly complex when making clean label products. But we can help you figure it out. We can also help you build flexibility into your portfolio, making it easier to meet new trends as they arise.

Expert and customer in PDC, tubular heat exchanger

Not just stainless steel

You’re welcome to visit a Product Development Centre to try out new processing technologies. Our vacuum high shear mixing, in-line blending capabilities and highly precise UHT treatment systems all have a role to play in making your latest food supplements & nutritional products a success. In addition, our experienced process designers can help you develop the very best process for your recipe. We’re with you every step of the way, listening to your goals and engaging in an open discussion about the best way to attain them.

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Product Development Centres

Looking to test new recipes for industrial scale production? Or to evaluate different processing technologies? Our pilot plants have everything you need.

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Food Development Centre

Fast track your food innovation and transform your ideas into commercial products at our Tera Recart® Food Development Centre.