What is Eco Cooling Homogenizer upgrade?

Eco Cooling Homogenizer upgrade helps in recirculating water used in cooling areas of the homogenizer, such as crankcase, gearbox, thereby reducing water consumption and environmental footprint.

Benefits of reducing water consumption

With reduced water consumption and less waste, businesses can reduce operational costs and environmental footprint, building stronger brand value.

➜   Improve environmental footprint
➜   Reduce operational cost
➜   Improve brand value and image

Eco Cooling Homogneizer Savings Examples

Water savings

➜   An aseptic Tetra Pak Homogenizer 400 needs about 1100 litres of cooling water per hour.
➜   Instead of wasting the return water, the use of an ECO Cooling Homogenizer can result in water savings of 6750 m3 per year, or the equivalent of almost two olympic size swimming pools.

* Based on swimming pool size 50x25x3m and 6000 operating hours per year

Tetra Pak Homogenizer 400 at different annual running times

Example based on:

➜   Tetra Pak Homogenizer 400 aseptic
➜   Fresh water cost: 1.1 EUR/m3
➜   Sewage cost: 1.6 EUR/m3
➜   Electricity cost: 0.11 EUR/m3

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