​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crowdfunding via Connected Package promotion created goodwill towards a brand in Latin America

A producer of coconut water and coconut milk in Latin America used a Connected Package promotion to engage support for a good cause that created goodwill towards the brand via our Consumer Engagement Solution.

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Customer challenge – brand awareness

The customer wanted to create an emotional bond with consumers so that they would be more likely to choose this brand of drink. The challenge was how to engage busy consumers, especially at the point of sale.

Our solution – a crowdfunding campaign

This company had an engaging story to tell that created goodwill and greater awareness of the brand. In the plantation where the coconuts are grown, there is a school of music for the children of the company workers. One of the country’s top singers well known to a younger audience was filmed with the children at the school while they played music. This five-minute film was a key part of the campaign.

The idea of the promotion was to engage consumers in a kind of crowdfunding campaign. Instead of money, points were awarded every time a package was scanned. If the target of 100,000 points was reached during the campaign, the children would be able to play music on stage at a public concert with the famous singer. This would be a dream come true for the children who live in a remote rural area.

The practical elements of the campaign started with printing a unique code on the promotion packages on a pilot line. The company received support from Tetra Pak including the development of application programming interfaces. When the pilot line was working, the team at the factory was trained about printing the unique code.

In order to be able to use the code, consumers had to first download an app developed specifically for the campaign. When they logged in, they saw a link to the film on YouTube featuring the famous singer at the school with the children. 

A large marketing budget was allocated to the campaign, which was promoted both in above-the-line and below-the-line media. It was estimated that the campaign material reached 6.7 million consumers.

The customer could monitor the results of the campaign on a daily basis via a portal provided within our Connected Package Platform. All personal data is processed according to national regulations.

Results achieved

The target number of points was reached so that the children of the music school could take part on stage in a live concert with one of their popular idols. One of the advantages of this campaign was that consumers gained a good insight into the origins of the product through the film, which showed beautiful shots of the coconut plantation. This promotion also captured the imagination of consumers and got them engaged for a good cause, which created goodwill towards the company and its brand.

Case in short


  • 9,000 scans
  • 100,000 points


  • 5,300 valid scans
  • 108,500 points (The target was reached and therefore the school children could take part in a live concert.)

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