Choosing a safe and nutritious milk product for your children

Milk is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available, and it contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals particularly important for the growth and development in children. However, did you know that milk needs to be prepared correctly to make it safe while retaining all the essential nutrients?

Risks of untreated raw milk and overcooked milk

According to researchers Yangon’s raw milk falls short of WHO standards[i]. This is worrying as alternative safety measures are required to prevent health risks such as diarrhea and infections for children if they consume milk that is raw or not treated properly.

According to Nutritionist Dr. Win Win Myint, “Many mothers are unaware that prolonged and repeated boiling of milk i.e. more than 15 minutes at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, would destroy vitamins and proteins in milk that are essential for their children’s growth. Milk is also a vital source for Vitamin D and Vitamin B 12, which help in calcium absorption. Both these vitamins are highly heat sensitive and boiling milk destroys both substantially. While mothers need to be aware of improper boiling practices as it depletes milk of nutrients, they should also be aware about technologies that best protect milk at the same timeii.[ii]

Protecting the goodness of milk for today’s mothers and families

The goodness of milk is founded on decades of proven research showing that milk provides energy and nutrition that’s hard to replace. It’s possible to get all the nutrients found in milk from other foodstuffs, but it’s not always easy to do so, and it seems that there is something special about milk’s nutritional value and its reputation as a ‘complete food’. As more families become ever more busy with a fast-paced lifestyle, more and more mothers are seeking for products that would deliver both health and lifestyle benefits in a simple, safe and convenient form – and this includes milk products.

Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Treatment for Milk Products – The Safest Choice for Your Family

In many countries, the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment is the most used process to protect and prolong milk’s shelf life for milk products. Using UHT treatment, milk products are treated at a high temperature  for a very short period of time (4 seconds). After the UHT process, the milk product is cooled and packaged in an aseptic carton package that can be stored in room temperature for at least six months (before opening), without the need for refrigeration and preservatives.

Tetra Pak’s UHT treatment and aseptic technology keeps milk products safe while maintaining their nutrients, taste and flavour, making them a safe and convenient choice for consumers and mothers all over the world.[iii]

The Convenience of UHT Milk Products in Tetra Pak Cartons – perfect for moms  

UHT milk products are the perfect choice for moms! There is an array of UHT milk products packaged in Tetra Pak cartons to choose from such brands like Vito, MILO, Dutch Mill, Chokchai Farm, Ovaltine, Lactasoy, Abevia, Bolt, PEP, Marigold and Cowhead.  Not only will they save you time and worry, your children will have healthy, tasty, convenient and safe milk product options.

To know more about food safety and its impact on children's development, stay tuned with Tetra Pak Myanmar Facebook Page. Let's work together to provide the best care and nutrition for our children.

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