Tetra Pak® Preparation System B-ES

A versatile island solution for final syrup and beverage preparation

  • A highly versatile solution that can handle the final preparation of a complete range of syrups, soft drinks and other beverages, meeting production needs with the utmost product quality
  • An intuitive, easy-to-operate design with only the essentials for effective beverage production, striking an ideal balance between processing needs and value for money
  • A modular island that can be expanded as production needs grow by adding more ingredient lines and upgraded with extra equipment to handle stabilisers and other challenging ingredients
Tetra Pak® Preparation System B-ES

Tetra Pak Preparation system B-ES

Tetra Pak Preparation system B-ES is a complete island solution for final syrup and beverage preparation. Its unique modular design supports product innovation by being flexibly upgradable to handle new products and capacities as production needs evolve.


From batches of 2,000-4,000 litres/hour to high-speed continuous production of 70,000 litres/hour


Can produce any beverage – juices, nectars, still drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, syrups, and plant-based, functional and dairy drinks

Ingredient examples

  • Gums
  • Stabilisers
  • Thickeners


Radial Jet Mixer S/T

Ultra-effective mixing with high energy efficiency

Our radial jet mixer uses the liquid’s own turbulence to mix itself – product mixes product. The absence of mechanical force avoids friction and heat generation, ensuring homogenous mixing at higher efficiency. Mixing is also much faster than conventional mechanical mixers. The radial jet mixer can mix any syrup or beverage of up to 200 cP in viscosity.

Horizontal injector

Eliminates risk of clogging in powder mixing

The patented horizontal injector in our radial jet mixer has a unique geometry that avoids product splashes and shapes the liquid stream to envelop dry powder immediately on entry. This prevents product from settling and clumping in the injector. The injector introduces dry powder at the point of highest turbulence to ensure immediate hydration, further contributing to a fully homogeneous product.

Four different tank sizes

Four different tank sizes

Multiple tank sizes for supreme batch size flexibility

Four different tank sizes – 10,000, 16,500, 25,000 and 45,000 litres – enable multiple batch sizes from 10-100% tank filling volume. Batch sizes range from a low-speed carton line of 2,000-4,000 litres per hour to a high-speed carbonated soft drinks line of 70,000 litres per hour.


Auto mixing device

Handle challenging ingredients like gums – and cut energy use

An auto mixing device (AMD) is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to a high shear pump when dissolving challenging ingredients like gums, stabilisers and thickeners. Our AMD can handle gum concentrations of up to 1% at 20°C that traditionally would require a high shear pump. The AMD consumes 60 percent less energy than a high shear pump and has a much lower investment cost.

Twin-stage nozzle

Twin-stage nozzle

Homogenous mixing of viscous ingredients

When handling viscous ingredients of 150-200 cP our radial jet mixer can be fitted with a twin-stage nozzle. This option is 50 percent more energy-efficient than a single-stage nozzle. It is beneficial for mixing ingredients with floating or sinking particles, such as fibres and pulps, and high volumes of sticky concentrates or dry powders.

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B

A complete flexible island solution for mixing and preparing any beverage or syrup, combining low energy and water use with minimised product losses.

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B-EXT

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B-EXT

Tetra Pak® Preparation system B-EXT flexible modular design is built to lead the market in lower product losses and reducing energy use.

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